The Shockwave

The Shockwave, also known as the Event, began on December 21st, 2009 at approximately 9:47pm, GMT. At this time, strange rippling lights appeared in the sky, similar to the effect of an aurora borealis. These lines appeard to be directed - although they shimmered and rippled, they were relatively fixed in position, crisscrossing the globe. For the next 17 minutes, the lines increased in intensity until they were even easily visible in areas that were lit with daylight. Following this, the lines erupted explosively, causing intense colour and light to be visible in the skies and letting loose a concussive impact forceful enough to knock over people and objects, damage many buildings, knock down trees, and send aircraft plummeting to the ground

The actual impact was short-lived, lasting no more than 10 seconds. The intense, almost psychedelic patterns in the sky remained visible for approximately 40 minutes after the event before eventually fading back to normal.

Government response to the Shockwave event varied from place to place, although due to widespread panic many countries were forced to declare a state of emergency and/or martial law in the days following the event.

World governments have not offered a consistent scientific explanation for the phenomenon, although theories and speculation run rampant.

The Shockwave had no lasting physical effects (apart from the damage, deaths and injuries caused by the events that transpired) other than the appearance of the sigils on the bodies of some individuals. Some would describe a sudden, intense burning sensation on the affected body part at the time of the explosion, but many did not notice until the sigil was pointed out to them, perhaps due to the distracting events of the Shockwave itself.