The Shockfront Initiative

Established in late 2013, the Shockfront Initiative was created by the Kerberos Group's security branch to combat international and national crime and terrorism with specialized teams of Sigil-bearers. Unlike the Kerberos Group's public team, justiciars, the Shockfront Initiative, and the associated teams, operate in secret, known only to a select few people (aside from those in high-ranking positions within the Kerberos Group itself) in the United States government, several other first world nations governments, and the United Nations, many of whom have secured contracts with the Kerberos Group for the purpose of utilizing the Shockfront Initiative's services.

Shockfront Alpha

Shockfront Alpha is currently the only Shockfront Initiative team on active duty, and are stationed primarily in New York city. Many members are currently maintaining cover jobs with Kx International. Robert Croft acts as the liaison between the Kerberos Group and Shockfront Alpha, as well as the team's handler.

Shockfront Alpha has training, garage, armory and tech facilities on Governor's Island, in the high-security Castle Williams. Shockfront Alpha members are well compensated during their tenure as operatives (usually involving a six-year contract), and also provided with living quarters in New York City or on Governor's Island, as required and circumstances permit.

Shockfront Alpha has many resources at their disposal, including weaponry, vehicles, and technology provided by the Kerberos Group's reasearch and development branch, including stealth technology.

All members of Shockfront Alpha undergo a simple procedure where a small tracking device is placed under their skin, to monitor their vitals as well as transmit their location.

Current Team Roster

Currently, the team is comprised of:

OOC NOTE Shockfront Alpha is at its capacity, and there is only a small chance that additional characters will be accepted into it at this time. A Shockfront Beta team will be formed if there is sufficient character interest. Please state your interest in joining Shockfront in your character application, or talk to Drew.