The Scions are one of the two original houses of Cipher mages. They are a group of ancient bloodlines bound by their ideology of non-involvement with human affairs. They feel that their power would cause them to have disproportionate impact on the course of human history, and would have far-reaching and unpredictable effects. As such, they pledge to not use the Cipher to affect humanity at large, and to keep it secret and protect the world from those that would do otherwise, such as the Riven. However, their policy of non-involvement in human affairs does not extend to what they feel necessary to correct or compensate for detrimental Riven activities, and they will do so when afforded the opportunity by the Clave.

A very secretive community, they have members in almost every country on Earth, passing their legends and ways down through their bloodlines. By receiving the Cipher brand that gives them access to the Cipher, they swear their lives to its allegiance. The Scions are identified by their Cipher brands, which are contained within a circle.

Scion Society

The Scion society is a very secretive one, and like both houses, usually quite insular. Led by a council of elders stationed all over the world, they are very self-reliant and insular, and take great pains to maintain a high degree of relative normalcy to the outside world. The council is comprised of elders elected from the Scion bloodlines, and meet in secret every five years.

The Alef are the enforcers of the Scion community, as well as the group tasked with watching the Riven, and answer directly and only to the elders.

Scions are entitled to only share their status as a Cipher mage to a non-mage after marriage (or other symbolic union ceremony), when the Scion's spouse is also given a Cipher brand and also becomes a Cipher mage. Children raised by a Cipher mage of a Scion bloodline are taught the ways of the Scions from birth. To disclose one's status as a mage to an outsider is a crime that would be handled by the Clave.

Relations with…

The Riven

While outright and obvious animosity between the two houses is forbidden by the truce, and all out war is not an option, the Scion bloodlines and the Riven bloodlines (identified by their Cipher brands, which are contained within a triangle) are historical enemies. Relationships across house lines are considered a form of treason which maybe punished by excommunication (usually at the discretion of a bloodline's patriarch or an elder).

The two houses have reached an uneasy stalemate, enforced by the Clave with the feud largely being expressed through avoidance and passive-aggressive means. While outright action agains the Scions are officially taken only when sanctioned by the Clave (typically as punitive actions against the Scions), in truth some aggressive acts do occur that are unsanctioned and would be punished if the Clave if they were to discover them.

The Clave

Scions who flagrantly abuse their connection with the Cipher or put the Cipher at risk of exposure will almost certainly find themselves encountering members of the Clave. Many obvious violators simply disappear, never to be seen again. Overall though the Scions treat the Clave the same way the Riven do - with respect born of fear.

The Laukos

Scions have a respect for the Laukos that the Riven do not share. While acknowledging that the race are more powerful, and therefore more dangerous, than the average person, they believe that the Laukos, as sentient beings, deserve all the rights and respect that humans do, and abhor the Riven's use of them as slaves.

The Sigil-bearers

The Scion doctrine views Sigil-bearers in a largely negative light, seeing them as a threat to humanity's autonomy from the Cipher. However, due to the widespread and public nature of the sigils, they do not currently enforce any actions against the Sigil-bearer community - nor could they, without first convincing the Clave that such action was necessary.

The defacto policy at this time is that sigil-bearers who show that they could be valuable and loyal assets to the Scions may be initiated as mages if a mage sponsors them, in a similar way to the rules regarding mundanes, as in 'Scion Society'. Sigil bearers should be convinced to hide their abilities and refrain from using their powers near mundanes if possible (essentially, to behave the same way with their sigils as Scions do with magic). The Scion community is actively investigating ways to remove a a sigil-brand without harm to the individual. Sigil bearers who threaten humanity at large should be silently eliminated if no other options are available.