Saoshyant's Gauntlets

Saoshyant's Gauntlets are a pair of Cipher weapons forged in the Cipher for the great warrior-mage Saoshyant of the Scion bloodline. Upon Saoshyant's death in 24CE, the gauntlets were lost for some time.

The left handed gauntlet was recovered by Eben Kodra (an exiled Cipher mage, and a former member of the Riven) in the late twentieth century. Upon his death in 2013, it was passed down to his protégé Lock Adams.

The right handed gauntlet, as well as the rest of Saoshyant's Cipher gear have not yet surfaced, and are presumed to have been lost or destroyed.


The surface of the steel that make up the gauntlets are constantly crawling faintly with Cipher marks. Each finger of the gauntlet is tipped with a razor sharp claw.


Saoshyant's Gauntlets were forged in the Cipher for the express purpose of aiding Saoshyant, a hunter of the Laukos.

When worn, the gauntlets seem to meld with the wearer's hand, so much so that it is easy to forget that it is being worn at all. They fit quite snugly, yet can be removed with ease.

The gauntlets are nearly indestructible, and protect the wearer's hand from all forces, including extreme temperatures. There are stories of a warrior-mage killed by a fire spell, his entire body reduced to smoldering ashes but for his hands, encased in the gauntlets.

The claws can cut almost any material known to man, gouging even concrete and steel.

When near a Laukos in human form, the wearer can feel the gloves vibrate, and they grow warm.

The gauntlets are also enchanted with two other special properties. Any Laukos whose blood is drawn by the gauntlet's claws will be unable to remain in their human form, and unable to transform back to their human form for close to an hour. When scratched, the human form disappears violently in what could be described as a bursting effect.

When the gauntlets are clapped together, they produce a sound that can disorient any Laukos within earshot, muddling their senses. This effect can be produced with only one gauntlet, but to a lesser extent, by striking the glove with or against a metal object.

Saoshyant's gauntlets, like many Cipher weapons, can be worn by any human, even non-mages, although presumably they would not have the training to wield them effectively.