The Riven are one of the three houses of Cipher mages. Unlike the Scions, the Riven feel that they should use all of the abilities, including their connection to the Cipher to live their lives as they see fit, the same as any other human would. While still attuned to and protective of the Cipher, they do not believe their sole purpose is to safeguard it. They feel that there is no such thing as gaining too much influence in human society, since they consider themselves to be superior to mundanes.

The Riven are very aware of the risk that public knowledge of the Cipher presents, however, and so like the Scions, operate largely in secret and keep their abilities to themselves. They are largely located in Western countries, and are known to have used their abilities to ensure their success in life. The Riven are identified by their Cipher brands, which are contained within a triangle.

Riven Society

The Riven society, while certainly more wealthy than the Scion society, keeps the source of their success secret from the world at large. The Riven are led by a council of elders, comprised of men and women elected from the Riven bloodlines. Unlike the Scions, the Riven elders do not meet on a regular schedule, keeping in contact via modern means.

The Riven tend to only share their status as a Cipher mage to a non-mage after marriage (or other symbolic union ceremony), when the Riven member's spouse is also given a Cipher brand and also becomes a Cipher mage. Children raised by a Cipher mage of the Riven house are taught the ways of the Riven from birth. To disclose one's status as a mage to an outsider is a crime punishable by excommunication, except in very extenuating circumstances.

Relations With…

The Scions

While outright and obvious animosity between the houses is frowned upon, and all out war is not an option, the Riven bloodlines and the Scion bloodlines (identified by their Cipher brands, which are contained within a circle) are historical enemies. Relationships across house lines are considered a form of treason which may be punished by excommunication or death (usually at the discretion of a bloodline's patriarch or an elder).

The two houses have reached an uneasy stalemate, enforced by the Clave with the feud largely being expressed through avoidance and passive-aggressive means. While outright action agains the Scions are officially taken only when sanctioned by the Clave (typically as punitive actions against the Scions), in truth some aggressive acts do occur that are unsanctioned and would be punished if the Clave if they were to discover them.

The Clave

Riven who flagrantly abuse their connection with the Cipher or put the Cipher at risk of exposure will almost certainly find themselves encountering members of the Clave. Many obvious violators simply disappear, never to be seen again. Overall though the Riven treat the Clave the same way the Scions do - with respect born of fear.

The Laukos

It is acceptable in Riven society to keep Laukos as slaves, and wealthy families might own several. They are used for many tasks, from manual labour to household upkeep, and vary in how much respect and freedom they are given, in accordance. Wild Laukos are seen to be prizes to be captured and broken, and if they cannot be broken, then they are killed.