Operation: Aether

Operation: Aether was a Shockfront Alpha operation that took place on October 23rd, 2013.


At the conclusion of this operation, only Jax Tempest, Mason Paulis, and Aria Daylewis remained. By December, 2013, Mason retired from active duty.

Debrief Transcript

Operation: Aether
Debriefing Transcript
Operative: Jax Tempest
Location: Castle Williams, Governor's Island
Date: October 24th, 2013

ROBERT CROFT: Jax, begin whenever you're ready.
JAX TEMPEST: Yes, sir. [clears throat] Shockfront Alpha was sent into a purported illegal research facility at eleven hundred hours on October 23rd, outside of Sao Paulo. The squad was myself, Michael Thorne, Mason Paulis, Anna O'Hare, Aria Daylewis, Ray McKenzie, and Cole LeGault. We had designated three squads when we arrived, for recon. The base was not heavily guarded, we took out the guards on the surface when we arrived. When we went inside, sir, they [pause]
RC: Go on, Jax.
JT: The facility was larger than our intel had indicated, significantly so. There was an elevator to the subterranean sections. We split up, but kept in radio contact, Paulis and I formed squad A, Thorne, McKenzie, and O'Hare were squad B, Daylewis and LeGault were C. Paulis and I found a lab, sir, the organization, the Ark, were… cloning these… the best way I can describe them is werewolves. They were man-sized werewolf looking things. Big teeth, claws, the works. That was when we hit resistance. Armed security got to C-squad first. They managed to put the security down, but the rest of the base was alerted. Squad B found their way to a control room, but some… some genius released the locks on the cages of the creatures. Paulis and I were fighting them off when Squad B radioed that the creatures were outside the control room. Squad C announced they were almost overwhelmed. They were closer to the escape shaft. Both squads needed backup. We headed towards C-squad's location when Michael… [clears throat] when Thorne announced that they'd found the controls for a self-destruct system, and that they were arming it. We had three minutes until the whole place was buried. We made plans to sweep past C-squad, extract them, but B-squad couldn't… there were too many. Thorne said there was no way we could get C-squad and get back to them in time, and they couldn't disengage the self-destruct, and they couldn't get past the creatures. These things, Croft… if you'd seen them, seen how fucking vicious they were… there were so many…
RC: I've seen the information Paulis extracted.
JT: Right, right. [pause] I couldn't save both squads. There was no way. There wasn't enough time, there were so many of those… those things. [pause] We were closer to C-squad. I radioed Thorne, explained. He… he said he understood. Paulis and I fought our way to C-squad, and the four of us barely made it out before the place exploded and collapsed in on itself. LeGault was pretty badly hurt, his leg was pretty much hamburger… have you heard anything?
RC: He's still in the OR, Jax, but it's… it's not looking good. He lost a lot of blood.
JT: [silence]
RC: You did what you had to do, Jax. No one's blaming you.
JT: [silence]
RC: [sigh] Alright, that's enough. Thank you, Jax - and you should go get that arm looked at, those are some pretty deep scratches.
JT: Yes, sir.
[shuffling, chair scraping across floor]