Necromancy is the broad term given to any attempt to utilize the Cipher to raise, control, or manipulate the dead or death itself. It is considered forbidden magic to Scion society.

Most Cipher mages find it nearly impossible to draw marks associated with Necromancy from the Cipher, as it causes several unpleasant side effects, such as feelings of intense nausea and revulsion. The effects can vary between individuals, and may include such things as having the mind flooded with revolting imagery or having the sensation of swimming in raw sewage or even intense pain.

To a mage, even seeing the visual representation of a mark associated with Necromancy is intensely unpleasant.

However, as with all things, a Cipher mage can train themselves to fight through the repulsion with relative ease.

When using the marks associated with Necromancy a Cipher mage's individual mark may glow black when used. After repeated exposure to the Necromantic marks, a Cipher mage's individual mark may glow black no matter what type of magic they are currently using.


Resurrection, and the marks associated with it, is a very taboo subject, and most mages consider it a form of Necromancy. In an attempt at balance, using the Cipher to return life to the dead will cause an equivalent life to end, somewhere on the planet. The mage will more than likely never know who was killed, or how balance was restored. A mage would have to weigh the benefit of the resurrection against the cost of taking a life to do so. Most mages are taught from an early age that life is sacred, and would have a large issue with the cost of performing a resurrection.