What's Twitter?

According to the Twitter website, Twitter is a a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Basically, it's a fun way to get short messages out to friends who follow your Twitter feed!

Why should I follow Aftershock on Twitter?

You can follow Aftershock's Twitter feed to receive up to the minute updates on room news and events. As well, the AftershockRP Twitter feed can be used to let the room's members know what's going on with your Aftershock characters, or even to help get some RP going! Feel free to even post to the feed in character!

But what will my friends think?

Don't worry, the AftershockRP Twitter feed is entirely private - only you and other Aftershock members will see the messages. We use Group Tweet to ensure that everyone's privacy is respected.

How do I join the Aftershock Twitter group?

Just head to (be sure to register for Twitter if you haven't already!) and request to follow AftershockRP. Once you're accepted, AftershockRP will ask to follow you (if your Tweets are protected). Once that's done, to post to the AftershockRP Twitter feed and have your message sent to the rest of the group, just send AftershockRP a direct message, like this:

D AftershockRP (Your message here!)

Or by sending them a direct message via your Twitter page, or the "message AftershockRP" link on the AftershockRP Twitter page.

I sent AftershockRP a message, why isn't it showing up?

Sometimes there's a bit of latency between when you DM (direct message) AftershockRP, and when your DM gets posted to the feed (may take up to 10 minutes, but usually between 2-5). This is normal.

When your message does get sent, it will appear as if AftershockRP posted, but the message will begin with

via @(Your Twitter Name):

Don't forget that to respond publicly, you need to DM AftershockRP, not @reply.