Aftershock takes place in a world very much like our own in 2014, 5 years after an event that rocked the world to its core, and changed humanity's course forever: the Shockwave.

The primary setting for Aftershock is New York City, New York (although players are welcome to set their scenes anywhere!). The New York City of the Aftershock universe is very much like ours, with a few slight differences - Governor's Island is owned by and has become the base of operations for the Kerberos Group, an organization devoted to helping Sigil-bearers (people marked with strange Sigils during the Shockwave that grants them extraordinary powers and abilities) learn to understand and utilize their gifts to build a finer world. New York has also become a haven for the secretive Cipher mages and the mysterious and dangerous Predators, and a new reigning street gang has arisen, the posthuman gang known only as Xodus.

Across the pond, the British Isles have been wiped off of the map.

Technologically, the world is not very different from what we're used to; cell phones are thinner, computers are smaller and lighter, but electric cars have become the norm, and the field of medicine has advanced appreciatively.

Socially, things are a little different. After the Shockwave, many nations across the world fell into temporary anarchy. Even after the authorities reasserted themselves and the people of the world recovered from the events of the Shockwave, things are different - vigilantism runs rampant, with Sigil-bearers inspired by the superheroes and villains of the comic book world to dress up and combat (or wreak) chaos.


Teams and Organizations