Roleplay in Aftershock takes place on the forums. You must register on to play, and abide by their rules and terms of service. The rules presented here are the rules for the Aftershock setting, and apply in addition to's rules.

These rules may be changed at any time without advance notice. The hosts will try to announce rule changes, however it is your responsibility to keep aware of changes to the rules. The "watch this page" feature of the wiki is suggested.


  • Aftershock contains mature content, and falls under an 18+ rating. If you are offended by this type of material this game is not for you. If you are underage, you may be asked to leave.
  • Respect the other players. We are here to have fun, don't be a jerk.
  • Slurs and hate speech are absolutely unacceptable anywhere but in an RP where it is appropriate for the character and situation. OOC or OOC/IC (Peanut Gallery) use is forbidden.
  • Hosts and staff reserve the right to revoke any character's approved status at any point.
  • Do not troll for roleplay. This does not mean that you cannot ask if anyone would be interested, it means that these requests should not be excessive or frequent. If nobody responds, try approaching players individually and suggesting scenarios to them.
  • Use common sense. Just because something is not listed specifically in the rules, it does not mean you cannot be warned or banned for it.
  • All characters actively playing in the room are required to be approved. For more details see Character Creation.
  • From the date of approval, a player has two weeks to create and populate a character page for their character on the Aftershock wiki. If after this time a page has not been created, approval for the character will be withdrawn.
  • Players who are inactive without notice for more than one month may have their characters removed from the room, and their claim on character models dropped. Inactive players involved in a storyline may have their characters written out in a manner decided upon by room staff. This may mean that for storyline purposes the character will disappear, be presumed dead or actually be killed.


  • The OOC tags for the room are double parenthesis (( … )). OOC IC/"Peanut Gallery" posts are delimited by (( || … || )).
  • Please limit OOC IC/"Peanut Gallery" chatter during periods of heavy RP.
  • Characters should not abuse OOC information, mix OOC and IC knowledge, or mix OOC and IC voices in the same post.


  • Aftershock is not for general RP. Characters who do not meet the setting guidelines will not be approved.
  • Players who repeatedly ignore the setting or who do not play their characters in a manner consistent with their submitted application will be asked to leave.
  • In character actions have in-character consequences. If a staff member decides that a player is powergaming or that a character is not accurately experiencing consequences for their actions, they reserve the right to make changes to correct this issue.
  • If an RP has proceeded in such a way that it is unreasonable for a character to survive, room hosts may rule that a character dies. This rule is intended to prevent powergaming. In the case that an agreement cannot be reached, room hosts may opt to rule on this issue by using dice, or by simply making a decision.
  • No player may automatically place another player's character in an inescapable situation without first discussing it with the other player.


  • Images associated with Aftershock handles may not exceed 400 x 400 pixels or 60KB.
  • Images associated with handles must use real models. Drawings or CG renders are not acceptable. Photomanipulated images are accepted.
  • Excessive nudity in handle images is not acceptable. This specifically includes exposed genitalia, pubic hair, buttocks, and female nipples. Implied nudity is acceptable.