Posting A Log

Posting a log to the Aftershock wiki is easy, and is a great way to store the logs of your RPs in the Aftershock setting!

To begin with, grab the logs from the IMC site (under Users > Scene Logging: Download logged RP). Make sure that OOC filtering is enabled and that HTML is being shown.

Then, copy the text from the log into a text editor (such as Wordpad in Windows or TextEdit in OS X). Use the Find and Replace option to replace all instances of the <br> tag with <p></p>.

Once done, head over to this handy converter and pop the raw HTML into the HTML Source field. Under options, set the Wiki dialect to WakkaWiki, and press Convert HTML to wiki markup.

This will output the text in the correct formating for the wiki. Then, create a new page on the wiki under the title of log:(Your title here!) and insert the text. I'd recommend you take some time to add in the appropriate fields of this header:

**Starring:** (The characters in the roleplay.)
**Date:** (The approximate date that the roleplay takes place - can be the same as the date played, or could be a flashback!)
**Notable Locations:** (Any notable locations.)

**Summary:** (A brief summary outlining what's going on)


Followed by your code.

On the Logs Index, please follow the standard structure:

* (Date) - [[[logs:(Your roleplay!)|(Your roleplay's title - if different than the link-)]]] - //[[[character:(Character)]]] ([[[player:Player]]]), etc.//