Welcome to Aftershock.

Aftershock is a roleplaying setting hosted on the forums, but it may not be like other settings you've encountered. The room itself has a story, and, should all go well, an endgame. Unlike some rooms, which could be described as a shared universe in which individuals tell disparate and largely unconnected stories, Aftershock strives for a format closer to an ensemble drama featuring characters whose individual stories connect and intertwine in interesting and sometimes mysterious ways under one over-arching meta plot.

What this means is that Aftershock has a stricter setting than many other rooms, and players in the room are expected to understand and stick to the guidelines set forth for the universe. While it may have aspects of all, Aftershock is not a comic based room, or a World of Darkness room, or any setting that's been explored before.

This also means that while players are encouraged to bring their own stories to the table to flesh out the Aftershock world, we, the hosts and staff, encourage players to try and participate in the over-arching story as much as possible, building connections with existing characters. From family members popping out of the woodwork to co-workers or friends or foes, there are plenty of roles a new character can take. Ask around, see what might interest you!

Before applying for a character, please take the time to get to know the room and setting, and the current storylines. On the application, you'll be asked where you intend on having your character fit in, and what they may bring to the story.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy Aftershock!

- Drew and Zxaos, Hosts