Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating and playing characters

Can I play a sigil-bearer with two sigils?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that we will consider applications for characters with two sigils only for players who are very well established in the room and, and we will only consider them ones the room's overall storyline has advanced a bit. At that point, a well established player would have to present us with an extremely compelling character applications, one that really knocked our socks off, to be approved.

Can I play a Predator who doesn't know they're a Predator?

The natural form of a Predator is their animal form - and many feel slightly uncomfortable in human form. A predator who was abandoned at birth, for example would likely not learn to change their form at all. For this reason a predator will always know they are a predator.

Mages and Magic

So are Scions the good guys and Riven the bad guys?

The Scion / Riven split is not that clear-cut. Scions believe that they should not influence the mundane world with magic, and should protect it from any supernatural influence - including Predators and sigil-bearers. The Riven do not share this belief. This does not mean that the Scions are all 'nice and pure', and that the Riven are 'dark and edgy'. They just have two differing beliefs, and are at war, constrained by an uneasy truce. Don't think 'good guys' and 'bad guys', think 'democrats' and 'republicans', or 'protestant' and 'catholic'.

What's wrong with having a Scion or Riven with religious beliefs?

Both the Scion and the Riven houses do not have any religion, and they teach that mundane religions are the product of not fully understanding the world. The mage houses feel that they do have a complete understanding, one that includes magic. For this reason, a mage who expressed religious beliefs would be viewed socially as you are or I would view someone who believed that the earth was flat, and the moon was made of cheese.