Character Creation

Before you get started making your character, here are some guidelines, rules, and additional pieces of information about creating a character in the Aftershock universe.

Be sure to have read the wiki pages pertaining to your race/class before submitting a character application - Predators, Cipher mages (also see: Playing a Cipher Mage), Sigil-bearers. You should also have read the FAQ.

Any player who wishes to begin playing in Aftershock or who wishes to add a new character to their roster must have their character approved by hosts or staff. To submit a character for approval, please fill out the following information and email it to this address or send it via PM to Teryx on the forums.

Submitting a character application does not guarantee approval - hosts or staff may deny or request that you make changes to your application in order to ensure that all characters fit the room concept. Character applications may take up to 48 hours before a response, but usually take less than a day. If you see a Host online, please feel free to mention that you've sent an application - this may make things go faster!

When you are preparing your character application, please take the time to check your grammar and spelling before submitting. While we understand that in a live RP spelling errors and typos are inevitable, submitting high quality writing significantly increases the chances that your application will be accepted. Applications that are replete with errors may be rejected out of hand - the players and staff of Aftershock have put a significant amount of effort into the setting and description of the world, it is only fair to expect the same from applicants.

If you are interested in having a character join any of the established teams or organizations, please mention that in your application, however do not assume they will be accepted - teams have some restrictions, and capacity concerns. Also, typically characters should be applied as if they are joining the team, not expecting to be retconned in.

A reminder: Aftershock is an original setting and IP. Canon characters from other universes or IPs (or blatant attempts to recreate them) will be denied.

Character Application

Send the following information to this address.

Character Name:
Character Type: (Mundane/Predator/Cipher mage, (including whether they are Scion, Riven, or Exiled)/Sigil-Bearer)

Biography: (Feel free to be as in-depth as you wish regarding your character's history. Well fleshed out characters are more likely to be accepted.)
Character Details: (Please include details such as character flaws and motivations, as well as special ability uses and limitations. These are important aspects of a character, and will help us help applicants determine where a character could fit in to the Aftershock world and story.)
Test Post: (So we can determine your style of play and to give room staff a better handle on the character, please apply with an example of a post your character might make. Some example situations you can use are below. Feel free to choose more than one or come up with your own - the important part is that it is illustrative of your character and your playstyle:

  • An action or fight scene
  • The confession of a secret (either to or from your character)
  • Your character experiencing an event they cannot comprehend

OOC Points of Interest: (Use this section to let us know of any OOC information you'd like to relate, such as the inspiration behind your character, if you have any plans or story arcs for your character or where you'd like them to fit into the larger Aftershock world.)

Intended Model: Display Name:
Preferred Contact Email: