"Carmel macchiato, or are you just here to see me?"

Starring: Constance Airoldi (Maggie C.), Jasha Maran (Drew)
Date: The day of Taylor Maran's fund raiser.
Notable Locations: Nightbird's Journey

Summary: Jasha pays a visit to Nightbird's Journey to ask Constance to his sister's fund raiser.

Constance Airoldi (Maggie C.) (8/1/2009 4:49:38 PM) Our lunch rush is probably over, so I'm out from behind the counter. I actually like mixing the drinks more than being on the sales floor, mostly because I like having somewhere to hide. I haven't been as jumpy as I'd been before, but I'm still a little shy around people.I've always been like that, thoughStill, I'm out from behind the counter, helping Katie the new girl with the little piles of reshops that have accumulated while we've been otherwise occupied. I hear the jingle of the little bell, then I hear Katie greet the customer. Good girl, since I'm stuck with a stack of books that all go together. It's like someone cleared out half a shelf.

Jasha Maran (Drew) (8/1/2009 4:54:11 PM) "Hello," Ash said to the girl new girl. Human. He'd assumed that the entire staff was Laukos, and he wondered if she was perhaps new.He was wearing a simple white button-up shirt, a black tie hanging loosely around his neck, over some dark blue jeans. His badge was clipped to his belt. He looked a little more harried than usual though, and he was - he didn't have much time, he was actually on duty."Is Constance here?" he asked, smiling politely.

Constance Airoldi (Maggie C.) (8/1/2009 5:00:57 PM) "Hold on," Katie tells him, hurrying back to find me. "There's a cop here to see you," she tells me in a tone of voice that makes me think she's wondering if she needs to call someone to cover the rest of my shift.I know this cop, though. I grin, setting the book in my hand on the shelf. "Can you finish this for me?" I ask her, wait for her to say she can, then move out of the shelves to see Ash."Hey," I offer, moving closer. I give him his personal space, looking him over. Apparently, he's still at work. "Carmel macchiato, or are you just here to see me?"

Jasha Maran (Drew) (8/1/2009 5:07:18 PM) "Just you," he said with a smile. "Can't stop long, I'm actually supposed to heading to the 22nd to pick up some evidence, but I thought I'd drop by. Are you working tonight? My sister has a fund raiser in the city, and I thought if you were free you might be interested in going with me."

Constance Airoldi (Maggie C.) (8/1/2009 5:13:23 PM) He says he's just here to see me and I grin broadly. That's what I was hoping he was going to say. When he goes on to ask if I'm free tonight, I nod quickly. I'm free, since I'm working today. I could go with him to his sister's fund raiser. "I'd love to," I tell him with another nod.

Jasha Maran (Drew) (8/1/2009 5:21:17 PM) He grinned. "Great. It's not a fancy thing, just business casual. I'll pick you up around five thirty? And don't worry, she knows. But she's cool." He started backing toward the door. "So I'll see you later?"

Constance Airoldi (Maggie C.) (8/1/2009 5:25:11 PM) Okay. I can do business casual. I was worried about that, but didn't know exactly how to ask. And, she knows? Okay, good. That'd be hard if his own sister didn't know, or wasn't cool with it. I nod to that, then duck in to give him a brief hug. I'm a toucher. Our whole family is, pretty much. "I'll see you," I tell him with another grin.

Jasha Maran (Drew) (8/1/2009 5:32:53 PM) Outside of family, he really wasn't much of a touchy-feely kind of guy. But he definitely didn't mind Constance's hug.With another smile and a slight wave, he let himself out of the store, jogging the short distance to his Jeep before starting it up and driving off toward the 22nd precinct.