Nightbird's Journey

Located on West 86th Street, Nightbird's Journey is a shop for rare and used books set in a converted brownstone just half a block down from Central Park. A coffee shop along with their more mainstream books are on the first floor, with the more valuable (and rare) books kept in the basement. The second and third floor are taken up with apartments, which are used primarily by the LeBeaux family.

The coffee shop on the first floor has a small stage area for poetry readings, performance art and music. The decor is relatively bohemian with an eclectic mix of different styles of furnishings and paintings, photographs, posters and sculptures taking up nearly every piece of space not occupied by seating or bookshelves.

Store hours are from 7AM to 4PM Sunday through Thursday and 7AM to 11PM Friday and Saturday. Open mic night is Saturday, from 5PM to closing.

The current owner, Antoine LeBeaux, inherited the business from his father in February of 2017. Since then, the only changes to the business have been to expand the hours and add the open mic night.

Unknown to the population at large, Nightbird's Journey is also the gathering place for the LeBeaux clan of Predators. Having lived in fairly close contact with humans for decades, they don't actively seek out conflict with humans. While killing in defense of the pack is always acceptable, hunting humans for sport is grounds for shunning within the pack, as they seek to maintain a peaceful existence. They claim Central Park as their territory.