Kerberos Group

The Kerberos Group, established in 2011, is a non-profit organization, the second-largest private foundation in the world, founded by Malachi Croft. The primary public aims of the Kerberos Group are, globally, to enhance awareness and understanding of the Sigil-bearers, and helping those branded with the Sigil to learn to control their powers and use them for the betterment of humanity. The Kerberos Group is based in New York City, on Governor's Island.

The Kerberos Group is run primarily by three trustees - Malachi Croft, Rosetta Zoccarato, and Shane Augustine, and is divided into three branches:

  • Malachi Croft runs the most public side of the Kerberos Group. He is in charge of the branch that deals in public relations, outreach and awareness of Sigil-bearers. This includes the Kerberos Group's lobbying, marketing, consultancy and education divisions, and the Croft Institute on Governor's Island, a boarding school for young Sigil-bearers.
  • Rosetta Zoccarato fronts the research and development branch of Kerberos, which includes the technological, scientific and medical branches of the Kerberos Group, dealing with the study of the Sigil abilities and how to apply them to medical, technological and scientific knowledge.
  • Shane Augustine operates the third branch, known publicly as Kerberos Security. Kerberos Security markets itself as a security consultancy firm, and also operates the Justiciars, a team of masked superheros projecting a wholesome, patriotic and heroic image that has been heavily marketed by Kerberos. The Shockfront Initiative, the covert operations group funded by Kerberos, is also an aspect of the security branch. Kerberos is also responsible for the Kerberos Wing - a new wing of the Sing Sing Correctional Facility built specifically to incarcerate and rehabilitate Sigil-bearing criminals. Kerberos Security continues to maintain and operate the Kerberos Wing.

The Kerberos Group is funded primarily by anonymous donations and government contracts from the Department of Energy, Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Kerberos also operates several front organizations, most notably Kx International.

OOC NOTE There are plenty of positions open within the Kerberos Group! Characters are welcome to join - please mention this in your character application.