The Justiciars

The Justiciars (pronounced just-ish-ee-ers) are a well-publicized superhero team operated by the security branch of the Kerberos Group. The Justiciars are marketed as wholesome, Golden Age hero types, presenting a friendly, patriotic and heroic image.

Based in New York City, on Governor's Island, the Justiciars grace magazine covers, have their own comic books and action figure line, and many other forms of marketing, and their very public heroic deeds helps to reinforce their image as heroes of the city.

Their identities are kept secret, and it is speculated by the public that there is not just one team of Justiciars, but that the heroic identities are transferred between individuals.

Current Roster:

The Justiciars are often praised for their abilities to find non-violent solutions to the conflicts that they face, and never resort to lethal measures.

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