The Exiled

The Exiled are Cipher mages who no longer belong to either the Scions or the Riven, but have been excommunicated from their house (which usually includes being disowned by their family). While not a true "third house," some Exiled Cipher mages form bonds with other Cipher mages in their same situation, but many still believe in the ideology of their former house.

Some of the crimes punishable by excommunication are:

  • Treason against their house
  • Fraternizing with members of the opposite house or Predators
  • Murder of a Cipher mage from the same house
  • Revealing the existence of the Cipher and/or Cipher mages to a non-mage (excluding spouses)

Excommunication is at the discretion of the elders of a house, and exemptions for extenuating circumstances do occur.