The Croft Institute

The Croft Institute is an accredited private international boarding school that offers programs and classes extending from grades 1 through 12 with an emphasis on educating Sigil-bearers and teaching them now to control and use their Sigil abilities for the betterment of humankind as a whole. The school is located on Governor's Island, and began accepting students in September of 2012. Many students who graduate from the Croft Institute have moved on to such prestigious post-secondary educational facilities as Harvard University, Queen's University, and Oxford University. The school is funded and administered by the Kerberos Group.

Although it is rare, the Croft Institute has accepted non-Sigil-bearer students. Children of Kerberos Group employees are welcome to attend the Institute if the parents see fit. This is a particularly attractive option for employees stationed on Governor's Island. Other non-Sigil-bearer are admitted on a case-by-case basis. Children of Sigil-bearers are also welcome, as are siblings of current Sigil-bearer students, due to their close association with others branded with the Sigil.

As of 2014, the school has 400 current students, with a maximum capacity of 1000 students. It is currently staffed by 60 full-time staff members, including security. The security personnel and most staff members are equipped with and trained in the use of stunner devices capable of harmlessly rendering a target unconscious, for use in Sigil related outbursts.

The Croft Institute does not have a summer semester, and operates only during the September to May school year, with breaks for the winter holidays and two reading weeks per semester.

Students are expected to wear their uniforms during school hours, except for monthly casual days, when both staff and students are encouraged to dress as they please.

Sigil-bearer students are grouped into small groups (between 5-10 members) for tutoring on their Sigil abilities and the applications thereof with a Sigil-bearer teacher or counsellor. These sessions occur weekly, and the group is persistent for the entirety of a student's enrollment at the Institute.

The current headmaster is Juliet Highland, a Sigil-bearer.

Many students refer to the Croft Institute jokingly as "Sigilwarts."

The Croft Institute is named for Malachi Croft, one of the founders of the Kerberos Group.