Cipher Artifacts

Cipher artifacts are any items related to or created by the Cipher directly, or by Cipher mages.

There are three types of Cipher artifacts: Foci, anchors, and weapons.


Foci (singular: focus) are physical objects that have been enchanted or have certain natural properties that empower a Cipher mage, allowing them to draw additional energy from the Cipher through the foci than they would normally be able to, and also allowing them to better focus on the spell that they are crafting. This grants the mage the ability to craft spells that are outside of their normal range or abilities.

Foci usually take the form of small talismans or amulets. Most mages of a Cipher bloodline have a focus, handed down through their families.

Cipher mages should be warned, however, that attempting to craft a spell that is too powerful or complex for the focus and mages's combined strength can cause the focus to either lose its enchantment or be destroyed, sometimes catastrophically.

A mage can only utilize one focus at a time, and would be aware that a focus is only an enhancement to their already existing skill - it cannot make a master of a student. In all likelihood, a novice Cipher mage would not have the skill or experience to use a high-grade focus.

Natural foci are very rare occurrences, and even rarer still are location based foci - Stonehenge, for example, was a very powerful foci, as was the Isle of Man.


Anchors are items enchanted with Cipher marks that enable the item to act as a proxy for a mage casting a particularly complex spell - by binding the spell to the anchor, the mage can safely release the spell from their mind, and the spell's effect will continue so long as the anchor holds.

All anchors eventually degrade, and the item being used will degrade faster than a similar item that is not being used as an anchor (for example - an apple being used as an anchor will age and decay much faster than a normal apple), so a mage must be vigilant about replacing the anchor items used for long-term spells or constructs. Even items such as stone or steel will eventually wear down and break, but they will last significantly longer.

Multiple anchors may need to be used for very complex spells or constructs.


Cipher mage legends speak of 30 weapons, forged in the Cipher itself. The location and details of the known weapons is a closely guarded secret amongst the Clave, and even to the high elders of the Scions. A Cipher Weapon has not been forged in thousands of years.

Known Cipher Weapons

Cipher Artifact Application

Have an idea for a Cipher artifact? Maybe a new Cipher weapon to add to Aftershock canon? To submit a new Cipher weapon for approval, please send the following information to this address. Please note: Common artifacts like foci, anchors, and simple Cipher constructs do not need to be applied for.

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