The Cipher

The Cipher is the network of harnessed mystical energy (known as primal magic) and the source of Cipher magic utilized by the Cipher mages and (unknowingly) by the Sigil-bearers. It flows all over the planet.


The true history and origin of the Cipher was lost centuries ago, but legend has it that the ancestors of the Cipher mages harnessed the energies known as primal magic in its creation, binding the wild and unpredictable primal magic into a form that could be used only by those baptized by a personal Cipher brand.

What little is known involves a legend of 30 Dreamers; 30 of the world's most powerful mages, who sacrificed themselves to become the Ciphers, destined to sleep eternally, and in their dreams define the Cipher itself.

No one has ever encountered one of these Ciphers, and their very existence and nature is a hotly debated topic among the Cipher mage community. However, it is to be noted that a Cipher mage may feel a stronger connection to the Cipher in certain locales - one of which was the Isle of Man in the British Isles, prior to the Shockwave. Most Cipher mages, however, attributed this to the presence of ley lines.