Zoey Halen
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Zoey Halen

Known Aliases: Cricket
Species: Sigil-Bearer
Age: {$age}
Height: 5"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Hazel
Nationality: American
Occupation: Justicar, Actress
Education: High School
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bruno Halen (father), Alice Halen (mother)
Powers/Abilities: Insect Mimicry (cricket, specifically)
Played by: Mackinzie
Model: Mila Kunis

Former actress and member of the Justicars, played by Mackinzie.


Zoey is outgoing and quite the flirt. She is a great actress, but can be a bit of a diva or a bitch if she doesn't get her way. She is used to the limelight and can want to be the center of attention. She joined the Justicars for the publicity, not really for the cause, though she does believe in good causes and has a good heart. She cares about animals and is a vegetarian. She's always fashion-forward and wants to be in on all the trends, but tries to be unique, even if she tends to go with the crowd when it comes to trends.


Zoey is a sigil-bearer with inherent insect abilities, more specifically, a cricket. When activating her sigil she has the following abilities: an exoskeleton underneath her skin and above her bones, leaping, wall-crawling, and 360 degree vision. These abilities break down as follows:

Leaping: She has powerful legs that allow her to leap extremely high.
Given that a cricket can jump 20-30 times its body height, put directly into proportion, Zoey, at 5 feet
tall, can propel herself 150 feet into the air with one jump, or roughly 11
stories (averaging 13 feet a story).

Limited wall crawling ability; works best with rougher surfaces but can work
with smooth, just with less “sticking” time if jostled or while moving quickly
up a surface

Exoskeleton: Zoey has a “double” skeleton, meaning that she has a hard
exoskeleton located just under her epidermis and actual bones. The exoskeleton
can withstand a three story drop with little damage. While bullets can affect
her, these too don’t cause as much damage as they would a regular person but a
succession of rapid gunfire would definitely kill her. The exoskeleton is
similar to the density of the material used in armor. It can crack and
takes about as much time to heal as a broken bone would depending on the size of
the crack.

360 Degree Vision: Nearly invisible row of microscopic low resolution
photosensitive cells located around her neck that make it good for detecting
motion and ultraviolet light from behind. However, this gives her some
disadvantages: she is color blind, unable to see reds and has poor image
resolution with those cells.


Zoey carries with her various crime fighting paraphenalia, the foremost being a "sonic blast" gun that helps lend to the Cricket gimmick. It can temporarily deafen anyone in range in the way of the blast and when focused can blow a hole through stone or brick and dent metal. She carries high quality ear protection to keep her ears from being damaged.


Zoey is in the process of learning martial arts to help prepare her for her crime fighting role. She's taken about six months of tai kwon do. Being an actress she also has an excellent memory and an eye for detail. Despite coming off as vapid and man-hungry at times, she is intelligent.


Zoey Halen always had a yearning to be in show business. She won talent shows at an early age and got her big break at 8 when she starred in a series of commercials that went to national level. From there she got guest roles on various TV shows before moving on to movies. She acheived great success until she received her abilities. Her roles took a hit for a few years until there came a call for people to join a team of posthumans called the "Justicars." Wanting to rekindle her career, Zoey signed up.