Ziven Ishu
Ziven Ishu

Ziven Ishu

Known Aliases: Ice
Species: Posthuman (Sigil-Bearers)
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American (Via Japan)
Occupation: Member of the Justiciars
Education: Unknown
Place of Birth: Okinawa
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jin and Koji Ishu (Parents, Deceased)
Powers/Abilities: Cryokinetic
Equipment Unknown
Played by: Natmun
Model: Aaron Kwok

Drifting Sage


Ziven was born a happy bouncing baby boy to Jin and Koji Ishu. Koji was a Japanese American GI stationed in Japan. He fell in love with native Japanese woman. Ziven was born on the base which makes him technically an American national. After his father was sent back to America his mother refused to go with him, despite having married Koji. As a result Ziven spent his childhood going back and forth between his mothers and fathers family.

Despite his estranged parents, Ziven's life was an easy one. He didn't mind moving back and forth between his two homes.Of course, that was until his mother died. It wasnt anything traumatic or violent. She slipped away in her sleep. When Koji Ishu learned of his wife's death, he shut down. Ziven brought his father back to Japan for the funeral, and he too, slipped away to point his wife in the afterlife.

Ziven went from having two homes, to having two empty houses. So he went out into the world, searching for…something.


Ziven was always a cheerful guy, easy going and relaxed. That's not to say he's a push over. But nothing says you cant be disciplined and happy at the same time.


Ziven mastered Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Akido before being branded by the Shockwave. He uses these martial skills to help focus his sigil.

His has a higher strength, endurance, and dexterity then the average joe, but they are pure from his martial arts training.

Specialties:Ice ball: He forms a ball of ice of varring density which he…well…throws. He can make it as soft as a snow ball or hard as a block of solid ice.

Ice Fist: He covers his fists in a thick layer of ice.

Spreading: When something comes in contact with his formed ice he can make the ice spread over it.

Limits:After using his cyrokenesis for an extended amount of time, or in massive amounts all at once, Ziven's body temperature starts to drop. This can happen suddenly or gradually until his body regains equilibrium. While this doesn't hurt Ziven it can harm people touching him, or temporarily immobilize him.