Wednesday Bullett
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Wednesday Bullett

Known Aliases: Kara Connelly
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown, Blonde when in Costume
Nationality: American
Occupation: Justiciars
Education: College
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents and six sisters, to those who know she is a Bullett
Powers/Abilities: Tactile Telekinesis
Played by: ff0ecaf(Rick)
Model: Anna Faris

Superhero with a dark past.


I was born to a rather abnormal family. My father’s name is August, and my mother’s name is April. And they thought this ‘month’ theme was fitting, so when my eldest sister was born, she was named Monday. So forth and so on, I have six sisters, and yes, all of us are named after days of the week. I’ve heard all the jokes multiple times. Yes, even that one. You’re not funny. Give it up.

I grew up as a kind of nerd, obsessed with comic books. Supergirl was my hero, and I wanted to be her for the longest time. I had the cape and a brunette wig, and I went as Supergirl for every Halloween until high school. I never lost this urge to be heroic, and that would shape my later life.

Anyway, I grew up in a rich home, not really wanting for anything. My father was often into things that were less than legal, but I wasn’t aware of this until I grew up. It was then that I got a job with his company, and discovered some things I wasn’t happy about. So I quit. I eventually changed my name to keep him from finding me, and tried to make my own way in the world. This wasn’t easy for a twenty year old used to luxury, but I managed. A broken down old car, a tiny apartment, and my own life. It was wonderful.

I got a job in some office somewhere, doing secretary work. And then the Shockwave happened, erasing everything from that life. I was a hero now, I could do the things that I’d always wanted. Sure, I wasn’t Supergirl exactly, but that didn’t stop me from being like her. I even modeled my costume after her, mostly just with the colors. I did what I could for a while, alone, until even that changed. I eventually was discovered by a certain group of people, and next thing I knew, I was invited to join the Justiciars. Those behind everything know of who my family is, but my fellow team members know me just as Kara.


Kara is very 'heroic'. She has an urge to help people, and she has the abilities to do so now. She's very serious about her job, though when not at work she's the exact opposite. She likes to party to reduce her stress, maybe a little bit too much.

She is also worried that people will find out who she really is, and stop trusting her or shun her. Her family doesn't exactly have the best reputation, and she feels like she's the black sheep of the group.


Kara's power is a form of Tactile Telekinsis. This ability manifests in a force field around her body, protecting her from harm. She is also able to project the field into strength, allowing her to lift weights of up to 1 ton.

Her protective ability works best against solid objects. Energy and elemental attacks are much more effective against her. For example, fire hitting her shields will not burn her directly, but much of the heat will transfer past her protective field.


She is a member of the Justiciars. As well, her family is out there and active, and likely looking for her.