Victoria Myles
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Victoria Myles

Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5ft6
Weight: 117lbs
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Education: On going
Place of Birth: New York
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Patricia Myles(Mother), Daniel Myles(Father)
Powers/Abilities: Necromancy
Equipment Unknown
Played by: Julez
Model: Meaghan Monster

College student/Necromancer


Victoria was raised in a well to do Riven household. The only child of the Myles', she was supposed to bring pride to her parents, and for a long time it seemed likely she would. She grew up an honor role student, the top of her class every year. As her father's student, she was not only caught on quickly, she excelled. Her specialty was gravitational and time magic, with seemed to coincide with her interest in astronomy. Victoria was always interested in learning new things, finding out more. She also tended to enjoy pushing the boundries of what was acceptable, a trait that would often get her into trouble.

Everything started to fall apart the summer she was supposed to leave for college. She started to hang out with an iffy crowd. They liked to party and all at once her studies became less important to her. Just as it seemed like she was about to make it, her whole life began to unravel.

It was a bush party, hundreds of teens gathered, drugs, booze and fire were everywhere. Not a good combination. As things started to come to a close, people began to thin out. She stayed back, drinking and flirting with another girls boyfriend. Well, said girl had taken something that night, and she attacked Victoria, smashing a bottle over her head. The girl didn't stop there, she began to stab her, over and over with the broken bottle.

She died that night. She saw the white light and she saw the faces of people who had already passed on. She even stood in the great halls, waiting for her judgement.

But that was not for her. She woke up in the hospital after a week in the ICU. When she woke up she seemed to be back to her old self. Quiet, back into her studies, if not a little more isolated. Her parents were relieved and ready to send her off to college. Until of course, they walked in on her 'studies' one day, and they realized what she had been studying. Necromancy.

They screamed at her and told her this was forbidden. They threw out everything she had gathered and sent her away to college, assuming that this would be the end of it. It wasn't of course. By the time she came home for the summer, she was more into it than ever. She looked pale, sickly, she smelled of death and decay. Her parents knew what was up and they cast her out. They told her that she was no longer welcomed in their home, that they wouldn't accept the abomonation that she had become.

She didn't care, it wasn't enough for her to give her studies. Since her near death experience, it seemed like it was the only thing that matters to her.


Quiet, dark, angry.


Basic control over corpses, the ability to reanimate the dead. Her control said zombies is limited. She can also communicate with the recently departed, though the older the ghost the harder it is for her to hear.