Titus Dunstan
Titus Dunstan

Titus Dunstan

Known Aliases: None
Species: Laukos
Age: 40
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Maryann Dunstan (mother, deceased)
Powers/Abilities: N/A
Played by: Drew
Model: Steven Beck


Titus was raised as the only child of a human-passing Laukos female, who believed that as the world belonged to the humans, the only way to live a successful and happy life was to live as a human. She provided Titus with as much as she could as a single mother, but Titus will always remember her for giving him the drive to dominate the humans - not through hunting or hurting them, but their way: by making more money than them.

To that end, Titus spent many years focusing on his academics, and eventually graduated with an MBA from Queen's University of Business. He launched several start-ups after graduating before ending up as CEO of Journeyman Publishing, a large international publisher of educational and instructional texts.

All of this came crashing down around him in the early summer of 2014 when Seifer Krandall arrived in New York. He forced Titus into his pack under the threat of harming the family of Titus's university roommate, Thomas Hanes, including the young daughter (and Titus's goddaughter) Chantalle. Titus has grudgingly provided his residence at the Park Plaza hotel for Seifer's pack, and is generally treated as the pack's whipping boy and butler. He maintains his duties at Journeyman, but only barely.

Titus was resigned to a short life of servitude ending in a brutal death at the hands of his own "pack" or a Cipher mage, but has seen a ray of hope after managing to convince a young member of the Clave, Jonathan Tamir Kendall to spare his life and help the Hanes escape Seifer's threat, in return for information on the pack.


Before Seifer came into the picture an turned his world upside down, Titus was a confident, collected businessman, perhaps a little arrogant. Since being forced into Seifer's pack, however, he has become a shadow of his former self, timid and weak, depressed and nervous.


Titus is an unwilling (and unhappy) member of Seifer's pack, providing them with their den and the money they need to continue living and operating within the city.