Sylvain St Jean
Sylvain St. Jean

Sylvain St. Jean

Known Aliases: None
Species: Sigil-bearer
Age: 24
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1990
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Light brown
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Registered Nurse, Mount Sinai Hospital
Place of Birth: Lévis, Quebec
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Francois St. Jean (father); Marie St. Jean (mother); Juliette St. Jean (sister); Genevieve Faber (ex-wife).
Powers/Abilities: Energy blades and shields
Played by: Drew
Model: Parker Hurley


Sylvain was born in the city of Lévis, Quebec, where he spent much of his childhood before a job transfer for his father brought the family to Montreal. A bold and outgoing child with boundless energy, Sylvain spent much his time growing up practising the art of parkour with his friends in the parks and urban areas around the city, becoming quite athletic and acrobatic in the process. When he wasn't out seeing how far he could push his own limits, he spent a lot of time drawing. A gifted artist, Sylvain always dreamed of one day illustrating the super hero comics he enjoyed so much, although pressure from his parents kept him from ever seeking any formal training.

He met Genevieve Faber in high school, and the two soon became inseparable. Despite warnings to the contrary, the two married shortly after graduating. The two honey-mooned in New York City, and Sylvain fell in love with the atmosphere of Manhattan, and swore that should the opportunity every arise to live there, he would take it.

In 2009, a year after his marriage, Sylvain was branded by a sigil on the left side of his abdomen during the Shockwave. He practised using the power his sigil granted when he could, but considered his powers largely useless in day-to-day living.

Sylvain worked several dead-end jobs before following his mother into nursing, working for several years at Montreal General, until the cracks in his relationship with Genevieve finally became too much for them both. Their divorce was finalized in January of 2014, and their almost six year long marriage was over.

Sylvain celebrated his divorce with weeks of drunken partying with his friends, and amassed a collection of tattoos that he was pretty sure meant something at the time he got them, but is no longer sure just what those meanings are. He does not regret them at all, however.

Seeking to change things up, Sylvain left Montreal for New York City, seeking to build a new life for himself and maybe even follow his dream of becoming a comic book artist. In the meantime, he's been renting a small studio apartment in the upper east side, and working at Mount Sinai Hospital, mostly in the emergency room.


Sylvain is a fun-loving individual, with an attitude that some would describe as outgoing and confident, while others would describe him as arrogant and obnoxious. Not one to pull punches, he has no problems telling someone what he thinks, even if it isn't particularly something the other party wishes to hear. A patient listener with an open and (potentially brutal) honest way about him, he's proud of his ability to give sound, if not always good, advice.

Sylvain is often rash and impatient, however, which has gotten him in trouble.


Sylvain can manifest solid constructs made from glowing energy; these appear as either flat or rectangular panels which he can use as shields or platforms, or angular shapes which he can use as cutting blades. He seems to be immune to their edges, however, as he cannot cut himself and can, in fact, hold them if he wishes. He can control where they float, and can even send them out as projectiles, however at a distance of about fifty feet from him the blades lose their cohesion and disappear.

The blades themselves are sharp enough to pierce metal, and can withstand a medium calibre bullet fired at close range, however they are not indestructible and can be smashed. Sylvain can also only manifest up to a six blades at a time (this number could fluctuate based on blade size), although he believes with practise he could learn to create and control more.

Sylvain has been practising using his blades in interesting ways, such as using them to create portable stairs to reach high places, or a large panel he can essentially "surf" on through the air.


Sylvain works as a registered nurse at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan.