Serenity Dunmire
Serenity Dunmire

Serenity Dunmire

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Predator
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Rust
Hair Color: Blond
Nationality: American
Occupation: Horse Breeder/Trainer
Education: BA in English (University of Colorado Denver)
Place of Birth: Dunmire Ranch, CO
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mark and Lisa Dunmire (Parents Deceased), Jonathan Dunmire (Bother, Presumed Deceased)
Powers/Abilities: n/a
Equipment Unknown
Played by: Natmun
Model: Billie Piper

Orphaned after her pack was massacred, she is searching for a new pack.


The Dunmire ranch was established early in the northern part of Colorado. For the longest time the Dunmire pack believed it would be a safe haven. To much space lay between them and the human populations that the temptation wouldn't be a problem. And it worked for a very long time. New blood was adopted as a drifter would pass by, lost without a packs of their own. They became horse folk, breed and trained some of the best horses in Colorado. But as always, the humans slowly inched closer. By the time the Shockwave hit the town that neighbored the Dunmire ranch where already suspicious of the strange commune hiding in the woods.

Serenity was being groomed for leadership, born and raised on the ranch. She left briefly for school, then returned to continue the packs life style. Unfortunately a Cypher mage followed her. He dug himself into the town, endeared himself and twisted their hearts against the Dunmire. What followed was covered up by the local Sheriff. The bloody night left Serenity running for her life. She didn't know how many, if any, of her pack survived. But when she returned to the ranch after weeks of waiting and hiding higher up in them mountains, her home was a smoldering ruin.

While she'd been taught a relative ambivalent view of humans it now turned to cold hatred. But as just one lone Laukos there wasn't much she could do to the town accept pick them off and most likely get killed in the process. She moved east, looking for a home and a new pack.


Serenity is true to her namesake generally, she is a calm and fair woman, but was fercely loyal and dedicated to her pack. After the destruction of her pack she has reconsidered humans, and moved them onto the menu.


Serenity has all the abilities of a typical Predator


Unknown, all former associates presumed dead.