Shayleigh O Daggart
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Shayleigh O'Daggart

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 28
Date of Birth: {$dob}
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Unknown
Nationality: Mutt(Scottish, Irish, Welsh)
Occupation: Combat Medic
Education: University
Place of Birth: Portland, OR
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Sheyanne Johnson(Mother), Darel Johnson(Step-father), Branden Johnson(Half brother), John O'Daggart(Father)
Powers/Abilities: Unknown
Equipment Field equipment
Played by: Julez
Model: Katee Sackhoff

Bitter Combat Medic


Growing up her parents were hardasses. Mostly they hated each other, but that aggression would often spill out onto their only child more than they would care to admit. As her father started to threaten to leave her mother, Scylaise found herself the target of the violent repercussions. When she was eleven her father finally did leave and a few too many accidents happened. She was taken into foster care and stayed there for a couple of years. Just before her thirteenth birthday she moved back in with her mom. It was evident that she had changed, however the verbal abuse was just as damaging as the physical violence.

She was a rebelious teenager, by the time she was fifteen she had been brought home by the cops a half dozen times. As soon as she graduated from highschool she joined the military to escape her mother. She excelled in the strict enviroment, with only a few smart ass comments on her record. Anything involving demanding physical tasks or guns thrilled her, however she took a slightly unexpected career choice when she decided to become a combat medic.

While the struggle to keep up with her studies was obvious, she had a talent for fixing people, and her ability to focus under duress certainly helped. It fit in with the protectiveness she felt towards the injured and sick.

Scylaise professional life flourished, while her personal life suffered. She hadn't spoke to her father since she joined the military, and while she had a couple of close friends her personality was much too abrassive to form any sense of a real relationship. Do deal with the complex's she developed thanks to her upbringing she tends to do what any responsible adult does and drink until she doesn't think about it. For now her alcoholism hasn't started to interfere with her work.

She had attempted to develope a relationship with her mother and her new husband because of her 13 year old brother(From her stepfathers previous marriage, though her mother has legally adopted the boy.)

Over the years she's been to several shrinks/Support groups/AA meetings to try and stabalize her life, unfortunately she finds being a wackjob a little easier, and her OCD helps her excell regardless of this, so really it's a win win situation.


Bitter, damaged, but holding it together.


Being awesome