Rhan Holmberg

Rhan Holmberg

Known Aliases: Jane Johnson
Species: Predator
Age: 24
Height: 5ft2
Weight: 148lbs
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: German/Native American(Mohawk)
Occupation: Bartender/Preformer
Education: Informal
Place of Birth: New York
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Seamus Holmberg(Older half brother)
Powers/Abilities: Laukos
Equipment Unknown
Played by: Julez
Model: Meghan Mayhem

Treacherous Laukos, turned bartender.


Rhan was raised in a small pack, her mother devoted to her only child, and her father, the alpha, who cared only about spreading his genetics as much as he could. Not to say she had an unhappy childhood, she was loved, taken care of, and her father took special interrest in her training, as he did with all of his children. She was taught to hung, fight, and she was taught about Laukos life and society.

She was also taught about hate.

Aside from the Cipher Mage's, she was taught to hate Humans. While mostly harmless, her father explained, their impact on the world around them was inexcusable. They deserved death for what they had done to the worlds natural wonders.

But Rhan never really got on board. In fact, her mother was a great fan of human society and would often take her into New York. As she grew older and more observant, she realized that this was because her mother had a human lover.

Making a mistake she would regret for the rest of her life, Rhan asked her father about the moral implications of this. The answer she recieved was a beating she wouldn't soon forget. Afterwards her father went to find her mother, who was heading into the city for another few days. He followed her, killed her lover and brought her back for punishment. To instill the severity of her sin, he exocuted the mother in front of her child, brutally.

Rhan, now at the tender age of nineteen, waited until her father fell asleep then murdered him. It took less than a minute for her crime to be discovered and she was forced to fight for her life against the people she grew up calling "family". Which she did with brutal efficiency, the death of her mother enough to drive out any sense of loyalty to the Laukos.

In the end she had killed most of the strong men, and a few women who had decided to go up against her. Unfortunately rage could only lead her so far, and she was forced to flee. Marked as a traitor, and perhaps worse, a coward who had killed their alpha in his sleep, Rhan realized she could no longer let herself live the life of a Laukos.

So she moved into the city, and built a life for herself. She discovered a love of music, and art, and all the pretty things she lacked while living in the wild. Now at the age of 24, she has built herself up a decent life, a small apartment, a job as a bartender, with the occasional gig singing or playing guitar as a substitute for various bands that come to entertain the locals.


For the most part she's very easy going. Laid back, easy to talk to, Rhan usually comes of as a nice person. As a bartender she's used to lending an ear to her patrons, which is also a great way to gather information. Which she needs to do as she also spends most of her time looking over her shoulder. Another reason she likes to come off as friendly, and well, not particularily memorable.

Unfortunately she has a temper, which usually goes off without warning. Her triggers also vary from one moment to the next. She'll often blow up at seemingly small things, while bigger insults don't seem to bother her at all, or vesa versa. Unpredictable and violent would be the best way to describe her tempertantrums.

Also, as rare as it is, this seemingly friendly bartender will go quite sociopathic. If the situation is severe enough she will find a way to kill the target of her anger, even if it means not playing fair.


Typical Laukos.


Rhan has no known allies. Any Laukos that know of her probably want her dead. She did bad things after all.