Nathanial Donovan
Nathanial Donovan

Nathanial Donovan (Deceased)

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human, Cipher mage
Age: 49
Height: 6' 3"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Israeli
Occupation: Member of the Alef Clave
Education: Unknown
Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Charlotte Donovan (née de Blanc), wife (deceased); Skay Donovan, son.
Powers/Abilities: Advanced skill in Cipher magic
Equipment Many Cipher magic anchors and foci
Played by: Drew
Model: Oded Fehr

The father of Skay Donovan, Nathanial was member of the elite Scion enforcers, known as the Alef Clave before his dead in June of 2014. He was played by Drew.


Very little is known about Nathanial Donovan before he moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and married Charlotte de Blanc. Promoted to the ranks of the Alef Clave shortly after his son Schuyler (Skay) was born. He spent very little time at home with his family. He took an apprentice in a young Clave member, Austin Sawyer, shortly before Skay's tenth birthday.

Nathanial spent a lot of time pursuing his various investigations, including into the origin of the Laukos, and it is believed that during the course of one of these investigations he stumbled upon information that led to his death in June of 2014.


Nate was very much the complete opposite of his son - often cold and serious, he was a very loyal (if absent) father who never quite recovered from his wife's death and his son's pulling away.


Nate was a master Cipher mage, well versed in the magic of shadow and dark matter manipulation.