Mason Paulis
Mason Paulis

Mason Paulis

Known Aliases: Bluetooth
Species: Posthuman
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light brown
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Quartermaster and Tech Specialist to the Shockfront Initiative
Education: High school graduate
Place of Birth: Scarborough, Ontario
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sandy Paulis, mother (deceased).
Powers/Abilities: Technopathy
Played by: Drew
Model: T.J. Thyne

Mason Paulis is a posthuman member of the Kerberos Group's Shockfront Initiative. He is played by Drew.


Mason David Paulis was born in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, but soon moved with his single mother into a co-op housing project in the city itself.

Growing up on the wrong side of the poverty line, Mason learned early how to fend for himself and to make the most of what he had. Struggling through high school, he found himself hanging with the wrong crowd, and soon became involved in the drug dealing business, earning enough money to finally support himself and his ailing mother.

His mother was killed in a car accident during the Shockwave, an event that changed Mason's life in more ways that just that. During the event he found himself branded with a sigil on the back of his left hand that granted him abilities he'd come to know as technopathy - he was able to interface with, communicate with and manipulate technology purely with his mind, as a telepath would with the minds of sentient beings.

This presented many more opportunities for monetary gain, and he found himself in somewhat of a mercenary position - while previously not very interested in computers, his power allowed him to offer unparallelled services to anyone willing to pay for them.

It lasted this way until 2013, when he was courted by a different employer entirely - the Kerberos Group. Offered the option to turn his life around as a member of the Shockfront Initiative. While initially hesitant, he couldn't deny the pay. And somewhere along the line, Mason Paulis found he actually enjoyed being the good guy.

Until October of 2013 rolled around, and Operation: Aether. In the wake of the decimation of the Shockfront Alpha team, Mason retired from field duty, happy instead to stay far away from the battlefield as the Shockfront Initiative's tech specialist and quartermaster. In his lab in Castle Williams, Mason worked on building new and more advanced technology to aid the team, and helping where he could from afar.

His latest development was a being he named "eMason" - a digital copy of his consciousness that was stored on the Kerberos servers until early August of 2014, when an EMP was unleashed in Castle Williams, effectively killing eMason. Mason, who was interfacing with his mobile phone at the time, was also affected by the EMP. He was put into a deep coma, and has shown no sign of waking.


Mason is a bit of an oddball. Serious and introverted, he has a dark sense of humour that he learned to keep to himself. Socially, he's still getting used to the idea of having friends who don't just want him for the services he could provide. Guarded about his past, he tends not to talk about himself.


Mason is an advanced technopath. Within close proximity to him, he can mentally interface with a vast range of technology, from simple calculators to complex computer systems, even going so far as to completely disengage his consciousness from the physical world.


Mason works as the communications specialist, quartermaster and tech specialist for the Shockfront Initiative. Very rarely, he will act as a field operative.