Lock Adams
Lock Adams

Sherlock "Lock" Adams

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 37
Height: 6' 0"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black/Grey
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Hunter
Place of Birth: Perth, Australia
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: None
Equipment The left hand Saoshyant's Gauntlet.
Played by: Drew
Model: Andrea Zanchini


Lock lived a normal life in Perth - he grew up, went to school, and supported a rather boring life as an accountant. With his wife Cindy and their daughter Alison, Lock was happy being boring and normal. All of that changed in 2008. A rock through his windshield brought the car he was driving down a dirt road to a screeching crash against a telephone pole, and before he knew what had happened, they were on them. Huge, hulking furry beasts, like the werewolves from the legends, were tearing his family apart before his eyes.

Stunned from the crash, his leg pinned by the crumpled door, Lock could only watch in horror. He thought that he was going to be next for sure, and welcomed death, when things changed. An older man with a gauntlet and a glowing mark on his forehead seemed to appear from thin air, and dispatched the beasts as quickly and efficiently as they had dispatched his family, with a combination of slashes from the clawed gauntlet and words that were not words spoken from his lips. The last thought Lock remembers having of that event was that it must be magic.

He awoke later, his leg bandaged and on the mend, in a ramshackle cabin deep in Australia's outback. The man introduced himself as Ebon Kodra, and the next few nights the man tended to Lock's leg, and answered all of his questions about the creatures and the source of his power. Aging and cut off from his family, Ebon offered Lock a new life as his apprentice - he would train Lock and teach him the ways of the Riven and how to hunt the creatures known as Laukos, and when it was time, he would baptize Lock with a Cipher brand of his own, making him a full Cipher mage. Lock accepted, eager to learn, eager to practice the skills he needed to exact his revenge against the creatures that destroyed his life.

In early 2014, before he could imbue Lock with a brand, Ebon was struck down in a battle with a pack of Laukos, his age finally getting the better of him. In his final moments, he gave Lock his weapon, the left handed gauntlet from the pair known as Saoshyant's Gauntlets, and told him to seek out his grandson, Aleksander Kodra.

Lock left Australia the very next day, tracking Aleksander to New York City, where it also appeared the city was having a bit of a Laukos problem…


Lock is a quiet, mysterious individual. A man of few words except around those he considers friends, Lock has not been a particularly happy individual since the death of his family at the hands of the Laukos in 2008. Rash and quick-tempered, he is always looking for a fight, but can also be fiercely protective of those who are important to him.


Lock is a normal human, although he is well aware of the Cipher and physically trained in hand-to-hand combat with the use of Saoshyant's gauntlet. He has become an expert at tracking, hunting and dispatching Laukos in rural, pastoral and woodland environments, and can only hope those same skills will help him in the urban jungle of Manhattan.


While he is aware of the ways of the Riven, he is not a member of their house, nor a Cipher mage at all.