John Viscount
John Viscount

John Viscount

Known Aliases: None
Species: Human - Cipher mage
Age: 28
Height: 6' 2"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: American
Occupation: Playboy, heir to the Viscount Fortune
Education: High school graduate
Place of Birth: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Joan Naeve-Viscount (mother); Trevor Viscount (father); Aleksandër Kodra (cousin)
Powers/Abilities: Intermediate Cipher mage
Played by: Drew
Model: Jamie Dominic

John Viscount is a millionaire playboy member of the Riven, played by Drew.


John Richard Viscount was born in Los Angeles to Joan Naeve-Viscount, fashionista and head designer of the NV. luxury fashion house, and Trevor Viscount, media mogul and head of Viscount Productions. At an early age he was moved across the country to New York City with his mother, while his father travelled back and forth between Los Angeles and Manhattan. Like both of his parents, John was raised as a Cipher mage of the house of Riven, and became quite adept in sense magic - glamours and sense enhancing spells.

Never one for work, John coasted through seven years at Harvard studying law before coming back home to help with the family business - he took over public relations for NV., but found the working life held very little interest for him. Choosing a slightly different career path, he fell into the New York club scene, being quite a fixture at the popular places and getting his face in the tabloids. He thrived in the spotlight, and routinely made appearances as a party promoter across the country. A socialite and media personality, he became somewhat of a recognizable face, appearing several times in popular reality television shows.

John recently has found a video tape with the most intimate details of an affair with a girl he picked up recently at Club Haus has begun circulating the internet. Not one to admit defeat, he has tried to spin this into an almost positive event, and watched as his popularity and recognizability soared.

His parents, unfortunately, did not see it the same way. After twenty-eight years of riding coat tails, John has found himself out of the house and cut off from his hefty fortune. Will this self-proclaimed "bad boy" be able to stand on his own two feet? Time will tell.


To call John arrogant and self-centered would really be doing him too much of a service. Morally repugnant, John is "celebretard" at its worst, living for the spotlight and not caring who, or what, he has to do to get it. While intelligent, he would rather throw money at a problem than give it any kind of consideration, and has been known to say just about anything to get what he wants, which usually amounts to women and fame.

Having been suddenly tossed out to fend for himself, John is only beginning to realize that his old ways will not get him very far out in the mean world.


As an intermediately skilled Cipher mage, John has focused on what he calls "sensory magic" - he is able to cast spells to fool or enhance the senses, including glamours.


John is a member of the house of Riven, but is not associated with any other organizations.