Jax Tempest
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Jaxon "Jax" Tempest

Known Aliases: Winter
Species: Posthuman
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (turning grey at the temples)
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Field operative, Shockfront Alpha (Shockfront Initiative, maintains cover job as security consultant for Kx International.
Education: BA. Psychology
Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ann Tempest (née Campbell, Mother); Jack Tempest (Father, Deceased)
Powers/Abilities: Cryokinesis (Generation and manipulation of ice), Freezing
Played by: Drew
Model: Joe Manganiello

Jaxon "Jax" Tempest is a Sigil-branded character played by Drew.


Jax was born and raised in the city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, and lived there for the majority of his life. Raised by his parents, Ann and Jack Tempest, both officers in the Vancouver Police Department, Jax was an only child raised with the ideals of responsibility and duty. After taking two years to see the world, Jax completed his bachelor's degree in the field of psychology before deciding to follow in his parents' footsteps when his father was gunned down on the job and Jax's mother went into retirement. He attended the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and soon joined the Tactical Support Section of the Vancouver PD.

Jax was on duty dealing with a hostage situation when the Shockwave occurred. He has never spoken of his experiences during the Shockwave, but has noted that the Sigil that manifested on the back of his neck "burned like a bitch."

Jax continued to work with the Vancouver Police Department until 2013, when he was contacted by the Kerberos Group, and recruited into their security branch as a member of the Shockfront Alpha team, lead at the time by Michael Thorne. Jax found himself promoted to field leader after a botched mission ended in the death of Michael Thorne and several other members of the team.

Recent events, prompted by his choice to act on his own during a rescue mission in Argentina leading to getting himself captured and putting the team at risk, have ended in his demotion in the field to the rank of operative, a role he feels much more comfortable with. The role of field leader was handed to Marquis Hale, with whom Jax has begun a tentative (and very confusing) romantic relationship.

Jax resides in New York City, with his dog, Wrex, an Australian Cattle Dog.


Jax is loyal to a fault, and upholds a very clear sense of right and wrong, valuing justice above all, but has difficulty seeing the grey in a black and white situation. A bit of a loner, Jax has learned to work well as part of a team, but has been accused of being distant to his teammates.

When with someone he trusts and knows well, he will open up, showing himself to be a fun-loving, warm and caring individual, but getting him to that point requires a large amount of trust.

Jax is single, and if asked, would state that he is not looking for a relationship, however he has a deep desire to achieve a relationship like the one his parents had before his father's murder.


Jax's powers have been categorized as Cryokinesis - meaning he is capable of generating and manipulating cold and ice at will. When under emotional duress, he finds it difficult to control an aura of freezing temperatures around his person, but has been working on controlling that aspect of his abilities. Creating large amounts of cold and ice is exceptionally draining.

Jax has been known to use his abilities to outfit himself in weapons and armour made of ice - most commonly gauntlets of ice around his forearms and hands tipped with claws.

While Jax himself is immune to low temperatures, he is very sensitive to high temperatures, and has difficulty using his powers in hot environments.


Jax wass the designated field leader of Shockfront Alpha, the covert operations team of Kerberos Group's security branch. This is a job he takes very seriously, and the responsibility of leadership weighed heavily upon him. Recent events have lead to him being demoted back to the role of field operative, which he greatly prefers.

Jax maintains a cover job as a security consultant for the Kx International, a Kerberos Group front corporation that provides covers for many of their employees.