character: jalynne-jenson
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Jalynne Jenson

Known Aliases: Elayne Wilson
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Fit
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde w/Pink Stripes, Brown
Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Author
Education: BA, Working on Masters
Place of Birth: Dublin
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Powers/Abilities: Cypher Magic
Played by: ff0ecaf (Rick)
Model: Avril Lavigne

Orphaned Author


I was born in Ireland about twenty five years ago. My family was well off, you might even say we were rich, but none of that ever mattered to me. Sure it was nice to always have a car and the best stuff at Christmas, but really my life revolved around knowledge. I read voraciously, learning about all kinds of different subjects.

My choices were always history and fiction, though my parents would also request or pass along other subjects, to keep me rounded. And, of course, there was the magic. My parents were Cipher mages both, and they taught me everything I would need to know. This was one subject I was never ahead of the curve on, but I always felt they could have taught me more.

By the time I was ready to go to college I already had a good understanding of Economics, History, Philosophy, and the Sciences. I’d have claimed to be an expert in them, but in reality it was enough to get me to skip two grades, and test out of a few things in college.

I’d never really left Europe before then, and so I’d decided to go to school in the United States. An Ivy League one, of course, I had my choice between the best. I surprised everyone, as it was thought I’d be going for Law. Instead I went into English and Literature, because I’ve always wanted to write. Even though I devoured all of those other subjects? Fiction was always my one true love. To create a story fascinated me, and so did word play.

My parents, while disappointed in the path I had chosen were most proud of me for excelling in said path, and for choosing my own way instead of blindly following theirs. They’d, unfortunately, been home when the Shockwave hit. Cut off and alone, I’ve managed to get a citizenship here, and have lived in New York ever since. I’ve started a bit of a writing career, I’ve got two published books. One’s rapidly growing in popularity, and I’ve already got a deal to publish two more.


I'm rather cold and distant due to my home and family being destroyed. It's been five years, so the wounds have scarred, but they're still very tender. I tend to hide away in the fantasy worlds I create in my books, though that's not to say I'm anti-social. I'm not very big on the idea of these 'posthumans' thinking they're all that, though I don't care enough about them to do anything about it, either.

I've got a short fuse, though those are only little flair-ups. To really set me off takes work, and then? Well, I'm something of a bomb.


I've got your usual Cypher magic. I'm not the strongest mage out there, but I'm not at all weak, either. My talents lie mostly in the realm of illusions and air manipulation. I've also studied the theory of Necromancy, though I've never actually tried it.


As of yet, I don't really have any relationships or connections to other characters. There may be other mages who recognize my last name and perhaps worked with my mother or father, but I'm unaware of them as of yet.