Garret Carmelo
Garret Carmelo

Garret Carmelo

Known Aliases: None
Species: Posthuman
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 6/15/1988
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American
Occupation: Firefighter, NYFD
Education: High school, military
Place of Birth: NYC
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father. Both living
Powers/Abilities: Sigil-bearer, Fire sigil
Played by: Em Mun
Model: Tyrese Gibson

Garret is an Army veteran of the war on terror, and is currently working for the New York City Fire Department. He is bears a sigil of fire, and is the NYFD liaison to the NYPD's posthuman task force.

Don't ever, ever suggest he wear a spandex costume.


Garret grew up in NYC, in Brooklyn. Despite this, he doesn’t have the thick accent that many do. Perhaps a measure of how quickly he adapts, that it faded so quickly during his time in the military.

His younger years were largely uneventful. His father worked for the city, maintaining vehicles for their fleets. His mother was a librarian, able to pursue a job she loved due to his father’s good job. Living where he did, he was aware of the violence in the world but rarely directly experienced it. Like most kids, he was involved in some fights in high school. He knew people in gangs, but never had any real desire to join them. He wasn’t an exceptional student, but nor was he a terrible one. It was just that most subjects in high school didn’t interest him.

Garret decided early in high school that he wanted to go into the military. It wasn’t a fascination with weapons or combat, or any desire to kill. It was merely that he felt drawn to the discipline he saw demonstrated there, and he wanted to help. In this case, help his country. When he graduated in 2005, he immediately joined the Army and was shipped off for basic training.

He was assigned general infantry, and proved to be a good soldier. His military career was largely spent in rotating between combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and stateside assignments during his ‘breaks’. When the shockwave happened, he was deployed to Afghanistan, at a forward operating base. For several days they were unaware of what had occurred, as communications went down amidst the chaos. Of course, Garret knew something was going on. He’d gone to the medic at sudden, sharp burning on the back of his shoulder, thinking he’d taken a shrapnel hit during a firefight. Of course, the medic was shocked to find not an injury, but some kind of marking. Garret swore up and down that he had no tattoo there, and there was no evidence of cutting or scarring. It wasn’t a burn, or an injury, or a tattoo. The question of what, exactly, it was would remain unanswered at least for another two weeks.

When communications were re-established, orders came through for the base to be shut down and destroyed, and for the forces there to return stateside. This caused widespread consternation among the troops, but they had no choice in the matter. It would be another month before they would be able to arrange full shutdown and return to the US, though.

Upon arriving stateside, all the troops would be immediately debriefed, and asked about any new markings which had become apparent on their body. Garret thought about denying it, but it was in his medical records. Too late for denial, so he admitted to it. This led to more doctor exams, but no physical abnormalities could be found in his marking, or anyone’s. So, he was merely ordered to not speak of his marking to anyone who did not already know, and report any strange happenings. Some troops had already discovered what gifts their new markings gave. Garret wasn’t one of them.

It would be about another six months before his particular ability would show itself. A large fire at one of the engine shops on base led to him and several others in the area being caught inside the burning building. However, the fires around him simply….started dying, and then went out entirely. In large part due to his assistance, they all escaped from the building. One of his fellow soldiers, in a debrief later, reported seeing something glowing under Garret’s shirt. Garret, for his part, knew he’d done something….he’d been focusing on the flames around him when they abruptly began to die.

His last few years in the military would be…interesting. Officially, he was assigned to the base fire department. His records for those years are sealed, though, and Garret had to sign quite a bit of non-disclosure paperwork when he did leave the service. None of it was combat, but rather research. He, like many other sigil-branded soldiers, was shunted into programs designed to test the limits and types of abilities he had gained. He was stop-lossed at the end of his six years, and would serve for a year beyond his contract. After seven years in the military he received an honorable discharge with several combat medals, as well as good conduct awards.

Garret immediately returned to New York and applied for a job with the NYFD. His military record and fire fighting experience made him a shoo-in, and he’s been doing that for a year now. His has managed to achieve a valor commendation in that time, but feels he doesn’t really deserve it. The risks he takes are not really that dangerous, due to his abilities.


Garret is a very calm, controlled man. Though he does, of course, get angry and upset from time to time, he generally manages to handle it without raising his voice or his fists. The military helped him build self control which has been invaluable in not only his career, but his new life as a posthuman. His buddies in the fire department often use the word ‘intense’ to describe their fellow firefighter. When it comes to work, or anything else he deems extremely important, his determination knows no bounds.

The former soldier is extremely loyal to those who have earned his trust, and does his best to take care of the younger firefighters. Sure, the new recruits think they know it all, but so did he at their age. Generally warm and friendly with those he knows, he treats all with respect and his own particular code of honor. He will defend those around him with his fists, if necessary, but does not think much of violence. It’s the refuge of cowards and idiots. It’s worth noting that Garret has a CCP, and does carry on a regular basis. Most of the new ‘supervillians’ running around aren’t bulletproof, after all.

In a crisis situation he has a knack for taking control and directing others. His quick thinking and cool-under-pressure demeanor serve him just as well as a firefighter as they did in the military. In such situations he does not tolerate stupidity, or people goofing around, and has been known to reduce an errant recruit to stunned silence when the normally quiet and calm sergeant turned on them and ripped them a new one, verbally. One of the many useful skills learned as a Sergeant in the Army.

As far as humor goes, he tends to be quite sarcastic, with a rather morbid sense of humor. It’s a survival instinct shared by cops, military, EMTs, and firefighters. Either you laugh at it what you see and do, or one day you end in a white padded room, screaming at the walls.

Garret is driven to help those around him, but he despises the ‘lab rat’ way he was treated in the military, after his abilities became apparent. He considers the men and women he works with on a daily basis to be far greater heroes than the costumed idiots running around the city. After all, they’re just normal humans, but they run into burning buildings, pull people out of burning wrecks, and generally risk life and limb on a regular basis without the benefit of special abilities. Obviously his opinion of those in costumes is not particularly high. He feels that everyone should be accountable, especially those who are now stronger than the rest of the population.


Garret bears a sigil of fire on the back of his left shoulder, but his application of it seems to be entirely geared towards nullification. Not only can he put out fires around him, but he is able to make himself unable to be burned. This ability seems to extend to anything he happens to be wearing or touching, indicating it’s a field of some sort, not a property of his skin.

He also has the ability to put out flames, both natural and otherwise. Being able to diminish or put out fires entirely in his general area is much more easily done on a small scale than a large one. He must be able to see at least the general area he is concentrating on, and it must be nearby. Clearing a room of flames when he enters is easily accomplished, while putting out all the flames in a building would require major effort on his part.

The range at which he can use this ability seems to vary, but he has demonstrated the ability to put out flames from up to 100 yards away.

He also theoretically has the ability to disperse heat from an object, cooling it from red-hot to safe-to-touch. It would also be possible to direct heat from one object to another, and even start fires. However, he has never tried any of these, and it has not yet occurred to him that he may be capable of such things.


Garret is a consultant for the NYPD's posthuman task force. He's also their liaison to the NYFD. Aside from that, he still has friends in the Army who tell him what's up with current situations or posthuman projects, if they know. When he got out of the Army it was at the rank of Sergeant (E6), and he's working his way towards that rank in the fire department.

Garret’s unit does know he has a sigil, but firefighters are a close knit brotherhood and none of them will betray his secret. Especially because they’ve seen him do strange things to and around fire, not only saving some of his own unit, but innocent people. Matter of fact, his unit covers for him if anyone starts asking hard questions.