Character:Gabriel Zell
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Gabriel Zell

Known Aliases: Gabriel Rios
Species: Human
Age: 27
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Gabriel Rios (father), Isabel Rios (mother), Alberto Rios (brother)
Powers/Abilities: Sigil, metalkinesis
Played by: Marcus Ryder
Model: Freddy Rodriguez

Ex-soldier turned Shockfront operative.


Gabriel Rios was born in Mexico City, 1987. Like many of his fellow nationals, the Rios family moved north to the United States when Gabriel was young. They eventually settled on the state of Colorado, where they lived relatively in peace.

Wanting much more out of life, Gabriel changed his surname and joined the Navy as soon as he could. Throwing himself into his career, making it his entire life and reason of being, the now Gabriel Zell eventually managed to join the Navy SEALs. It was there that he felt he finally belonged.

However, not long after attaining his position, Gabriel's team was sent on mission to the Middle East. Faulty information put his team in danger, whereupon Gabriel nearly fell victim to an errant grenade. Surviving the explosion, Gabriel had nevertheless lost his arm, thus his newly found career. Retiring himself from active duty, he left the Navy to look for his lot in life elsewhere.

Then the Shockwave happened. And, later on, Gabriel realized that he bore a sigil after the Shockwave, and now had a dynamic new ability to control metal. After much practice and study, Gabriel Zell began to master his new ability, and with it, he fashioned himself a metallic arm with which he could return to active duty. But rather than rejoin the Navy, instead he went with the Kerberos Group's Shockfront initiative.


Oftentimes, Gabriel is perceived as an aloof and impassive individual. Very rarely does he show much emotion, and literally appears as a hardcase — all business. However, military career or not, he also harbors deep respect for teammates, and acts in accordance with what he learned: Leave no man behind, and you are only as good as the man next to you. Therefore, Gabriel is a team player, and as a soldier is prone to following orders without much question. As for his all business attitude, it is mostly a hardened exterior, belying what truly lies beneah.


Gabriel's power has been termed Metalkinesis. While he cannot create metal out of nothing, nor transform other substances into metals, he has keen control over anything of a metallic nature in his vicinity. His capabilities allow him to move metallic objects at a speed comparable to that of a bullet's when launched from a firearm, and he is capable of moving a few tons' worth of metal at peak capabilities.

However, Gabriel's metalkinesis is reined in and mitigated by the metallic left arm he fashioned to replace what he lost in the Middle East. In order to move his arm as if it were the real thing, Gabriel's abilities are focused mostly on that task, and he can hardly move a tons' worth of metal in such a state.

He is also capable of sensing any and all metals in his immediate vicinity, down to identifying which type of metal it is that's around him.


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