Ethan Mowbry
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Ethan Mowbry

Known Aliases: None
Species: Posthuman
Age: 31
Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Bartender/Owner, Club Haus
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Carl Mowbry (Father, adoptive), James Mowbry (Father, adoptive)
Powers/Abilities: Neutralization
Played by: Drew
Model: Logan McCree

Ethan Mowbry is the posthuman owner of and a bartender at Club Haus, played by Drew.


Ethan was adopted into a same-sex family in Seattle. His childhood was normal enough. A self-described slacker and party boy, Ethan doesn't remember much of his post-high school years, but he supported himself with a multitude of jobs, from postal worker to dancer, finally settling on what he began to view as his calling - tending bar.

In 2006, Ethan found a new love - body modification, in the form of tattoos. What began as a small tribal design on his arm grew into a full-body design, even going so far as to tattoo his scalp and more sensitive body parts. A health nut, he considers his body a temple, and his tattoos a celebration of it.

After discovering his abilities after the Shockwave, he moved to New York City and spent his entire life savings on establishing Club Haus. Perhaps due to the fact that the burgeoning posthuman community of Manhattan seem to enjoy the atmosphere, the bar and nightclub became quite popular, popular enough to relocate to a larger building.

Ethan lives above the bar in a loft apartment.

He has no desire to seek out his birth parents, and if asked about it, would explain that he is really quite content with the parents he has.


Ethan prides himself on his easy-going attitude and his openness. He tends to inspire confidence in people, and enjoys the fact that people find him easy to talk to. It certainly doesn't hurt his business. He always looks for the best in people, and considers each and every patron in good standing a friend, and treats them as such.

When not working (which is rarely), Ethan loves to explore the independent music scene, and is a common sight at concerts around the city.

Ethan is gay, but has no current desire to settle down or find a boyfriend, instead content to play the field and just have fun, but is open-minded enough to reconsider that if he found the right person.

Despite working in a bar, and loving his job, Ethan himself rarely drinks alcohol, and will only do so when a patron purchases him a drink.


Ethan's sigil grants him the ability to dampen or completely negate the abilities of Sigil-bearers within a certain proximity. This is not a passive power, but Ethan has learned how to keep the ability active.

When in Club Haus, he extends his power dampening to envelop the entirety of the club, to keep potential conflicts limited in scale.

His ability even affects Cipher mages to a lesser degree - mages caught in his field find it difficult to access the Cipher.

Ethan's sigil is located on the inside of his left bicep.


Ethan owns and operates Club Haus, one of New York City's most popular nightclubs and bars, especially amongst the city's posthuman population.