Dahlia Dethewright
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Dahlia Dethewright

Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5ft7
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown, often dyed
Nationality: American
Occupation: Small engines mechanic
Education: Highschool
Place of Birth: New York
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: "YT" Dethewright(Twin sister) Mr & Mrs Dethewright(parents)
Powers/Abilities: None
Equipment Tools, anything supplied to her at work.
Played by: Julez
Model: Rashel

Mechanic who suffers from Aspergers


Dahlia was always 'different'. An absolute mechanical genious from a very young age, she never seemed to develop socially. It seemed odd because there were no speech delays, but as she got old enough for school her inability to cope with the other children most of the time, her mother ended up pulling her out of school and waiting another year. As her twin sister moved on in school, Dahlia was held behind until she was finally diagnosed with severe Asperger Syndrome. As she got the help she needed, she began to adjust better, even able to enroll in school. She excelled academicly but socially the other kids tormented her. It often fell on YT to protect her.

Still, the strain on the family was clear, and while Dahlia was very functional, most of the time she seemed perfectly normal, the slightest change in her schedule would send her off the deep end. This was especially stressful on YT, especially as they got older and Dahlia's demands seemed more and more unreasonable. With their parents marriage falling apart, and the girls increasing anxiety helping no one, it was decided that she be placed in an instituation at age 13. There she thrived, the routine and focus was exactly what she needed. She even began to show that she was fully capable of independance. By the time she was eighteen years old she had finished highschool, and even began a job working in a shop, rebuilding engines.

Unfortunately a very large change came when she had to move back in with her parents. She fell apart, losing the safety of her old caregivers and strict routine. But she was able to settle back again, continuing her employment and even began to attempt a social life. The next big change to come was a year later when her sister returned from bootcamp. Confronted by the complex barrage of emotions Dahlia seemed to regress. While she still continues her employment, she has once again become very dependant on her sister for a sense of stability in her life, and is often very selfish with her own needs, unable to comprehend YT's need for her own life.


Obsessed with engines, and her sister. Nothing else matters to her.


No superhuman powers, but she is an absolute mechanical genious. If it has moving parts, she can figure it out.