Character:Cuthbert Albright
Image Confidential (in front of "no" sign)

Cuthbert Albright

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Powers/Abilities: Teleportation
Played by: Marcus Ryder
Model: Johnny Depp

The first teleport!


Cuthbert Albright is nothing short of an enigma. Showing up in no database, holding apparently no allegiances nor nationality, he is adhered to nothing and no one. This fact is compounded by Cuthbert's sigil.

After the Shockwave, Cuthbert was branded with a sigil, like several other humans on the planet. He received mastery over space, and has dutifully worked to develop and master his power ever since. For his ability also granted him the notion that those branded with sigils, though fewer in number, were akin to gods. Possessing wild and unpredictable powers, they are better than regular people, and deserve more than the term "posthumans". They were deities.

Convinced of this, Cuthbert has formed an organization termed as Pantheon. On the surface they are a mercenary group, hiring themselves out to the highest bidders. In this fashion, he plans on making a name for the organization, to bolster its ranks.


A calculating and cunning strategist, Cuthbert leads the Pantheon group with the utmost tenacity. He also possesses a grand arrogance, fueled by the fact that he views posthumans as the one and only rulers of all mankind. Anything else should bow down to humanity's new gods.


Cuthbert Albright retains mastery over space. His sigil allows him the power of teleportation, whether it is just himself, or taking an area along with him.


Leader of Pantheon, a fledgling mercenary group.