Colin Chambers
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Colin Chambers

Known Aliases: Fix-It
Species: Posthuman (Sigil-bearer)
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Field Medic of Shockfront Alpha (Shockfront Initiative), maintains cover job as analyst for Kx International.
Education: BA. Philosophy (University of Winnipeg)
Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Judy Chambers (mother, deceased), Jasper Chambers (brother, deceased)
Powers/Abilities: Biological Manipulation - Most notably healing.
Played by: Drew
Model: Dave Anabale

Colin is a Sigil-bearer, a member of Shockfront Alpha played by Drew


Colin was born on February 23rd, 1990, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Judy, a nurse. Growing up, Colin was very close to his older brother Jasper, and the two brothers relied heavily on each other while their mother worked long hours at two hospitals, and spent a lot of time at the local Catholic church.

A deeply religious woman, Judy drilled a deep reverence for Catholicism into her boys almost from birth - or, at least, tried her best. A single woman, her sons were the products of trysts with two different men, both of whom were also involved in the church.

Her frustration at her own children's scepticism brought out a lot of anger in the woman as the boys grew older, and she subjected them to Catechism and Sunday school for years until the boys learned to keep their conclusions to themselves.

Colin had always been fascinated by works of fantasy and science fiction, much to his mother's dismay, and she repeatedly had to cleanse their small apartment of the "works of the devil" that Colin would bring home, stolen from book stores or borrowed from friends.

Things got worse for him when Jasper left home. Always a gifted boy, Jasper received the offer of a lifetime - a full ride scholarship to Oxford University. He jumped at the chance, leaving Colin alone with his mother.

When the Shockwave occurred in 2009, Judy was convinced that it had great religious significance, sure that God had taken England (and Jasper) into His arms, and eagerly awaited the rest of the Rapture that was surely approaching. The posthumans were another matter entirely, however - they were products of the devil on Earth to tempt humanity and turn them away from the light.

Colin kept his own sigil a secret from his mother, and enrolled in the University of Winnipeg, eventually finishing a three year degree in Philosophy.

It was shortly after this that Judy was diagnosed with lymphoma, and given a diagnosis of only six months to a year remaining. Colin watched as his mother's health deteriorated, helping where he could, but refusing to use the abilities he had been granted on Judy. He continued to practise his gift outside of the home.

In October of 2013, with Colin at her bedside, Judy passed away. Colin was overwhelmed by the guilt of not having done anything, and reached out to his mother's body, using his abilities. Judy awoke, disoriented at confused. Colin tearfully explained what had happened, what he done, and that he was sorry for hiding it from her.

The reaction he got was not what he expected. Judy recoiled from him, her face a mask of disgust, angry that he had tainted her with the devil's mark. Colin could only watch in horror as Judy threw herself through the bedroom window.

Colin began work at a local McDonald's after, living a quiet and solitary life until March of 2014, when he was contacted by a representative of the Kerberos Group, with an offer to move to New York City and use his powers as part of the Shockfront Initiative. Colin did not hesitate to sign up.

Since his mother's death, Colin began a ritual of self-harm using a razor blade on the inside of his arm. He isn't sure why, but it helps him focus and ignore the guilt he bears over Judy's death. Since his ability allows him to quickly heal the wounds he causes with no physical scarring, it is not outwardly obvious that Colin self-harms.


In spite of his past tragedies, Colin has always maintained an attitude of upbeat optimism, a product of long term exposure to his brother's endless enthusiasm for life.

A self-professed geek, upon his mother's death he finally began to indulge in his interests in comic books and science fiction/fantasy movies and books.

While occasionally socially (and physically) awkward, Colin often plays the referee in conflicts, trying to ensure that the best outcome for everyone is reached, usually sacrificing his own happiness or comfort for that of those he considers friends.


Colin's sigil grants him the ability of biological manipulation, but Colin is mostly only experienced with the healing aspect of that ability thus far, though he can, with great concentration, also cause minor disease and discomfort.

Colin can heal physical injuries and disease, even disabilities, and can reverse cellular damage and degradation. His ability to resurrect the dead is limited to the recently dead, and only those who died by injury or disease. He can heal the physical trauma of brain injuries, but the mysteries of the brain are beyond his powers.

Colin can also heal injuries in himself with concentration.

Colin's sigil is located on his left collarbone.


Colin is a member of Shockfront Alpha, where he usually uses his abilities as the team's field medic.