Austin Sawyer
Austin Sawyer

Austin Sawyer

Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 35
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American
Occupation: Member of the Alef Clave
Education: B.Sc. Physics, Boston University
Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Christine Sawyer (mother, deceased); Tyrell Sawyer (father, deceased).
Powers/Abilities: Advanced Cipher mage, specializing in space magic.
Equipment The Vohmanha Glaive
Played by: Drew
Model: Taye Diggs


Austin was born and raised a Cipher mage of the Scion house, taught by his mother, a member of the Clave, a deep respect and appreciation for the customs and traditions of the Scions. Austin specialized quite early in magic that affected the space-time continuum, focusing on the combat and defencive applications.

When he was sixteen years old, his mother was killed while performing her duty as a member of the Clave and attempting to bring down a rogue exiled mage. It was at her funeral that he was approached by Nathanial Donovan, a member of the Alef Clave. Nate ushered the young Austin into the Clave and taught him how to better harness his skills, while also teaching him an appreciation for the necessity of toeing the line between what the Scion laws allow and what they do not. Austin quickly came to realize that in today's modern world, especially after the Shockwave, things have changed, and the old rules cannot always apply. Some would view this as treasonous, but Austin believes it is necessary and realistic.

Several years ago, Austin found himself embroiled in an affair with the wife of fellow Clave member Aedan Crowe, an affair that didn't end well for any of the three parties and coincided rather suspiciously with Aedan levelling the charge of treason against Austin. While the charges did not stick, and Aedan found his motivations called into question, relations have been strained between the two since then.

After Nathanial Donovan's mysterious slaying, Austin found himself promoted into the ranks of the Alef Clave. He has taken a young apprentice, Mary Francis Kendall, into the ranks of the Clave, and is training her as well as working with her to discover who is behind Nate's death, as well as possibly change some of the old ways of thinking still prevalent in the Scions.


Austin is a serious, quiet individual who takes his responsibilities seriously, even if he doesn't act in what would be considered an orthodox manner. The best way to describe Austin would be as intense. While deeply loyal, he does not have any reservations about blurring or crossing lines when necessary to get the job done, or for the greater good.


Austin, as a member of the elite Alef Clave, if an advanced Cipher mage. With his focus on time and space manipulation, Austin is quite adept at slowing or speeding up time, teleporting, folding or bending space, as well as simpler forms of Cipher magic such as force manipulation.

Austin has been receiving training in the use of the Vohmanha Glaive, a Cipher weapon. The glaive is a long silver and gold polearm ending in a single-edged blade. The staff is to all knowledge indestructible, and an easy anchor for a shield spell. The blade itself has no known special qualities, but has been known to slice through stone.


Austin is a member of the elite Scion enforcers, the Alef Clave. He is currently training Mary Francis Kendall, a new Clave recruit.