Anna O Hare
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Anna O'Hare

Known Aliases: Psyche, Tasya Yeva Petrova
Species: Sigil-Bearer
Age: 21, 25 (formerly)
Date of Birth: July 1
Height: 5'3", 5'8" (formerly)
Weight: 110, 125 (formerly)
Eye Color: Blue, Brown (formerly)
Hair Color: Blonde, Auburn (formerly)
Nationality: Russian, Irish American (formerly)
Occupation: Shockfront Alpha Operative, Research & Development, KX International (Cover)
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, NYU
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Michael O'Hare (Father), Daisy O'Hare (Mother), Lucas "Luke" O'Hare (Older Brother, 28), Callan "Call" O'Hare (Older Brother, 26)
Powers/Abilities: Telepathy
Played by: Mackinzie
Model: Kristen Bell, Daneel Harris (Formerly)

Wise-cracking psionic member of Shockfront Alpha, played by Mackinzie.


Anna can be a study in contradictions. She can appear cold to some, mostly strangers (though sometimes to her friends), or she can come off overly cheerful, almost bubbly (not as bubbly as some) and entirely charming depending on her mood. She is quick witted, and very intelligent, though she can get lost in her head and and often jumps ahead in a conversation as she's already gone to point C without mentioning point A and B and has to go back and explain things. This can come off as forgetful.

Being the youngest of three siblings, she can be a little immature at times, though she when it comes to a mission she will always get her head in the game, being able to distinguish what is important. Anna is quite curious, and is always looking for intellectual stimulation, though she can get bored easily, dropping something midway through.

While she can be friendly, if something threatens her ego or her friends she can get fierce. Her temper is legendary. But while she can get angry at someone, she does not hold grudges. The anger comes, then it often quickly goes away. She will easily forgive a person, though she does not like people who are insensitive or bigoted. She will often speak her mind, bluntly, if someone or something bothers her. She requires communication most of all. If she does not know things she can tend to jump to conclusions. Without all of the facts she can be distrustful. She is very loyal to her family and friends.

Anna needs to be social to feel whole. She is used to a large family and seeks that sort of family structure: a loud, in everybody's business, mash of people. She loves boys and friends. She is an optimist. Growing older, she had gradually started to attain some level of maturity until her death, but being…reestablished in another body, she has gone down a few pegs as a subconscious coping mechanism.


Anna is a sigil-bearer with psionic abilities, more specifically telepathy. She can read minds, control biological functions, perform psychic surgery, cast illusions, cause pain, paralysis or seizures, unconsciousness, and alter or erase memories. Upon her death, Anna demonstrated the ability to transfer her mind into another body, though this was at a period of extreme emotional distress. It is unknown and unlikely if she could ever do it again. While Anna has a good amount of control of her abilities, being in a new body means she has to "relearn" many of the skills she had before, as well as cope with more heightened senses. If she is among a crowd, it is more difficult to tune people out and she will often tune people out completely or listen to music until things are stabilized. She is currently practicing on stabilizing that ability again. The stronger the mind, the more resistance a person has to Anna's skills. If she overuses her powers she can get a migraine or pass out, and must be alone for awhile. She has a mental range of about two miles. The better she knows a person or group, the more easily she can link with them. If she does not know a person or group her concentration will have to double and it can take more time.


Anna has a bachelors' degree in sociology from NYU and was in graduate school before her death. She has some formal training in fighting from being on Shockfront Alpha, but she has also had a number of years experience in wrestling with two older brothers. Because of her new smaller frame, however, she will have to relearn some training to better suit her body type. She is proficient in firearms and squad tactics due to Shockfront Initiative training. While she is technologically savvy and knows her way around her computer, she does not have a supernatural gift for it, preferring to let others take over on that front. More recently she has developed a basic conversational knowledge of Russian and is fluent in French and Gaelic.



Anna O'Hare was born the youngest of three siblings to Michael O'Hare, an Irish immigrant, who moved to America in 1981. Five years later, he married a free spirited graphic artist named Daisy Wright in 1986 after a two year engagement. In 1989, their first son Lucas was born. Two years later, they had a second boy, named Callan. But Daisy, wanting a girl, wanted to try again. The third time was the charm and Anna Rose, named after Michael's grandmother, was born in 1991. The three siblings were inseparable and were often called "The O'Hare Triplets" despite their age difference.

Being a very bright child, Anna was often put in AP classes during most of her childhood and teenage years. She graduated from her high school as salutatorian, as she had trouble with only one class: gym, during her freshman year. It was something she dwelled on, as physical education was something devoted to the body not the mind, and worked on trying to improve it. Nevertheless, she got scholarships to UCLA, but decided to go to NYU instead, wanting a change of scenery.

As Anna had always had a fascination with people, she became a major in sociology. When she was a sophomore, however, things became very strange. After waking up one morning in December, just after finals, Anna discovered she had the ability to read minds. While the first month was one long headache, Anna quickly learned to control her abilities. She told only her family, whom were bewildered at first, but after hearing about other people with abilities on the news, gradually learned to accept her new powers.
Returning to NYU, Anna resumed her studies with a new outlook on people, good and bad. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, and was soon after approached by the Kerberos Group, whom were interested in having her join a special team devoted to combat crime and terrorism at home and abroad committed by people with abilities whom were soon known as sigil-bearers in the news. Intrigued by this new prospect, Anna agreed to join.

She joined a large group of other sigil-bearers, and things were going smoothly until October, 2014, when Anna was killed on a mission in Sao Paolo, Brazil. While her body perished, her mind did not die.

In a astronomical circumstance, six months earlier, a young telepathic sigil-bearer in Russia named Tasya Petrova nearly drowned by falling into a frozen lake after trying to save one of her friends. Rendered practically brain dead in a coma, Tasya's family was close to pulling the plug when their daughter woke up in November of 2014…claiming to be Anna O'Hare.