Anita Midori

Anita Midori

Known Aliases: Wiki
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Average
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Occupation: Shockfront IT
Education: College
Place of Birth: Chicago
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Various family
Powers/Abilities: Technopath
Equipment Various computers
Played by: ff0ecaf (Rick)
Model: Natalie Portman

The girl with a PC in her head.


I always liked computers, from when I was just old enough to touch them till now. I’ve always had a laptop in front of me, or be sneaking onto my parents computer and fiddling with it. The first time I had the family PC stripped into its component parts in the living room I thought my parents were going to have a heart attack. The things were expensive back then, after all.

I’d put it back together and it worked even faster than it had before, and since that moment, when I realized I knew more about it than they did, I’ve learned everything I can. I’m a super-tech, a database of knowledge in my head of all the little problems and solutions that rival the internet… and that was before the powers and the Shockwave and all that nonsense.

Now? I really do have a database in my head. Hell, I’ve got a whole computer, or so it seems. I’m able to interact with networks and such, reading the information and accessing programs. Ever play Halo against someone who doesn’t need to use their hands to control their character? Well, you’d get whomped on. Trust me, I know, because I do it all the time. It’s fun.

I’ve ended up working for some institute or something, doing their cyber security and helping them when they need to get information off of someone’s machine. It’s a pretty cool job, though I kind of wish they’d give me a gun and let me do the fun things. I’m not really trained in stuff like that, though, so I guess it makes sense. Well, when the Initiative needed me, I’d answer, until then I’ll just be in the computer labs, working.


Anita lives in her own little world, or at least that's how it seems to those around her. In truth she's never doing just one thing at once, always working on two or three things as well as interacting with people. She's not very social, and while she tries to talk about things, she often just comes across as weird.


Anita’s ability revolves around computers. While it is activated, her mind is basically a computer. Anything a computer can be programmed to do, she can do in her mind, so long as it does not require a USB connection. She obviously cannot install those, though she’s likely looking for a way to network that into herself.

She can access wireless networks, multitask multiple lines of thought, and mentally read a computer’s information, so long as they’re both connected to the same network. She cannot read through encryption, though her abilities allow her to break most conventional encryptions very quickly.

She’s a brilliant computer programmer, and she’s excellent at data protection and cryptography.


Anita is currently a member of Shockfront Alpha, being trained and prepared to transition to Beta when it is started, where she will be the team's technopath.