Alize Rossdale
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Alize Rossdale

Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Posthuman (Sigil-bearer)
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Programmer, club DJ
Education: Unfinished CompSci undergrad degree from NYU
Place of Birth: Calgary, AB
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Shadow control (see below)
Played by: Amanda
Model: Amy Lee

Alize is a transplanted Canadian living in New York City, Sigil-bearer, electronic musician,
and computer programmer for hire.


Ali grew up in a relatively normal home environment. She was born and raised in and around Calgary, Alberta. Her mother is a percussionist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and her father worked for them in management. She has two brothers and a sister, and they all grew up in a musical home. They all had music lessons to attend, games to go to and homework to be done. Ali was a mediocre student, up until she started to learn computer programming. While she loved music, she found a talent for almost anything electronic. Soon, she had blended the both by developing and producing her own electronic music and applying to NYU's Computer Science department.

She hadn't even finished her first term when the Shockwave happened and she was branded. She left NYU and stayed in New York, studying on her own. Her family doesn't know that she is branded, and she has no intent on ever telling them, even though it pains her to keep a secret this big from her close-knit family. Her sigil is on her chest, which leads her to wear clothing with relatively high necklines except in rare occasions.

She will occasionally perform her music in clubs around the city, and is rarely without her laptop. She is relatively outgoing, even moreso when she's performing. She's been called stubborn, a bitch, and worse by those who didn't get their way.


Alize can be stubborn, a bit of a bitch. She is fairly self reliant, but does enjoy the company of most others. Alize does spend a lot of time on her own, and while it doesn't bother her - at least when she's playing with her music - there are times where she just needs to get out and be in the company of others.


She found that she can play with shadows. She can create shapes out of them (like small puppets) but only if it's dark enough for the shadows to be present. If she tried to make a shadow butterfly in the middle of a field on a summer day, it wouldn't work. If anyone else but her tries to touch them, they dissipate like smoke. She's also discovered she can hide in shadows, if she needs to. It seems, to her, that the shadows create a little Alize sized pocket that she can step into. She can also move around in the shadows - she can transport herself places. She's never done it, but if she needed to, she could either hide or transport someone else at a large energy cost to herself.


None, yet.