Aleksandër Kodra
Enver Gjokaj as Aleks

Aleksandër Kodra

Known Aliases: Aleks, Leka
Species: Human - Cipher Mage
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 7/05/1989
Height: 5' 9"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Jeweler (apprentice) / Artifact Maker
Place of Birth: Bonneville, Oregon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Leila Kodra (mother, exiled), Arber Kodra (father, missing presumed dead), John Viscount (cousin), Joan Naeve-Viscount (aunt)
Powers/Abilities: Journeyman-Expert Artifact Crafting
Equipment Anchored Rings & Jewellery
Played by: Zxaos
Model: Enver Gjokaj

Aleks Kodra is a shy Riven artifact maker played by Zxaos.


Alek's early life was fairly normal and uneventful - he lived with his father and his mother in a town not too far from Portland. His father, recognizing his son's innate talent for working with artefacts, encouraged his studies in this direction sometimes to the detriment of his overall skill which was less than average to begin with.

When Aleks was fourteen, his mother began a secret affair with a Scion mage, leading to a series of bouts aggressive questioning of the entire family by the Clave. Just over a year later, both his mother and the Scion in question disappeared without a trace, leaving Aleks and his father to guess that the Clave had finally had enough of their antics and had simply "dealt with" the problem. The uncertainty and the intimation of her death sent Aleks's father into a depressive spiral, and Aleks was increasingly marginalized as Arber became more involved in the more extreme factions within the Riven house.

This trend continued until 2009, when his father, who had been part of an attack on a group of Clave in Portland, also disappeared. Aleks managed to survive until the shockwave occurred a couple of months later, using the opportunity to report his father as one of the missing and having his assets transferred to his name. He managed to survive on these funds for nearly four and a half years, supplementing the income working as an apprentice to a mundane jeweler in Portland. Eventually though, the money ran out.

It was at this point when he was contacted by his aunt, Joan Naeve-Viscount who more or less out of the ether offered to put him up in New York where there would be further opportunities to advances his knowledge of artefact making. Aleks's only interpretation of the offer was that she had somehow been keeping tabs on him and was aware of when his financial situation became dire, although he still does not understand why she made the offer she did. That did not stop him from taking her up on it, and he moved to New York shortly thereafter, becoming an apprentice to a well respected Riven artefact crafter.

Recently his cousin John Viscount has moved in with him due to a conflict with his parents.


Aleks has become very timid and wary in the wake of both of his parents being spirited away by the Clave. He has a deep fear that one day they will come for him too and he will never be seen or heard from again. Aleks is naive, straight-laced, and socially awkward, especially around girls. He rides on the coat tails of John's popularity and infamy.


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