Jason Kwan-Zhou "Ace" Park
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Jason Kwan-Zhou Park

Known Aliases: Ace
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 4/9/1983
Height: 6' ½"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Korean-Briton
Occupation: Shockfront Alpha operative. Maintains cover job as security consultant for Kx International
Education: MBA
Place of Birth: South Korea
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Pattern recognition and manipulation
Played by: zxaos
Model: Sung Kang

Jason Kwan-Zhou ("Ace") Park is a Sigil-branded character played by zxaos


Ace was born in Busan, South Korea, but he and his family moved to England shortly after he turned five, settling in Wolverhampton. Little else is known about his family other than that they are assumed to have died in the Shockwave. Ace completed his MBA at the University of London. While he was a student, he competed for the university's (BUCS) modern pentathlon team. Following his graduation he was hired into a junior portfolio manager at a small firm in London, where he rose slowly through the ranks until the shockwave event. At the time, his firm was in talks with an investment firm in the US to negotiate a buy out the company. After his branding during the shockwave, Ace quickly realized what his power could do, and began making a living off of casino winnings. He was eventually approached by and given a job in casino security. Following several years of this, he was recruited into the Kerberos group's Shockfront Alpha group.


Due to his ability to see patterns, Ace is highly caustic and pessimistic - he sees all of the ways things can go wrong.


Ace has the ability to see and take advantage of complex patterns. He can see (for example) where a bullet will go, where to hit a building (and with which frequency) to destroy it, and can finish a game of pool in two shots on average. His ability makes him difficult to hit in combat unless he is so overwhelmed or confined that he has no options other than to take the hit.


Ace is a member of Shockfront Alpha, with a cover as a security consultant for Kx Interantional.