The Alef are a sect of Scions. They are the enforcers of the Scion community, and are well versed in offensive and defensive spells. They are directly chosen and charged by the Scion elders to be the enforcers, to protect the Cipher itself and the Scion community from outside threats, as well as to police the community itself, and especially to monitor the Riven and ensure they do not take too much obvious advantage of their abilities as Cipher mages. They also act as liaisons of the Scion community to the Clave in many cases.

There are, at any given time, only 25 Scions chosen to join the ranks of the Alef. The Alef are expected to always be ready to head anywhere on the planet to perform their duty.

While Alef members are not obligated to keep their status as a member of the Alef a secret, many choose to not disclose this fact.